Three Thing Friday

1. How I spent my birthday – I did nothing exciting. I spent some time cleaning the house. I vacuumed up another cat’s worth of cat hair. And by that, I mean I could have built a clone of Loki if I felt inclined to do so.

I spent time doing taxes. I gathered everything I could for this new tax season. I cannot wait for the house that causes all my tax problems to finally be sold. Plus, even though it is mid-February, I still do not have everything I need. I am still waiting for the information on my stocks. What I really want is to get all my information to my tax guy.

I spent time watching a lot of X-files. Hey, I had to do something for myself.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad day.

2. X-Files – Speaking of X-files, this has to be at least the 4th time I have watched the complete series. I plan on getting my moneys worth out of these DVDs. But something that I realized on this viewing of the series is that I actually am beginning to understand the Cigarette Smoking Man. Anyone who knows anything about this show knows that the CSM is the leading “villain”. But this is the first time I ever really understood what he was doing, and why.

I do not know what that says about me. I know that he was trying to do the right things. Or maybe he was doing the wrong things, for the right reasons.

Either way, I finally understand him in a way I never have before. After Scully, and the Smoking Gunmen, he may be my favorite character.

3. Shark Attacks – So, while a recent death in Australia is making the news, what isn’t making the new are the statics from 2014.

Recently, a Japanese surfer was killed by what might have been (probably was) a great white shark. The man was surfing early in the morning and had his legs ripped off by what is being called a massive shark. And while I truly feel sorry for the man’s family, he could have prevented this. Sharks tend to hunt early in the morning as well as late at night, and this man went surfing in the early morning. Also, the man’s legs were taken, which implies that it is another case of mistaken identity. The Great White would hit hard and fast in order to disable a seal. If the shark truly wanted to, he could have finished off this man in the water. It didn’t do that.

As I said before, what is not making the news are the shark statistics from 2014. Deadly shark attacks in 2014 are down from 2013. In 2013 there were 10 deaths due to shark attacks while in 2014 there were only 3. Granted, this is only counting unprovoked shark attacks, but honestly, anyone who provokes a shark attack deserves what they get. The total unprovoked shark attacks has remained about the same between the two years. So, maybe we are learning to respect the sharks. Maybe we are having better response times to those attacked. Maybe the sharks just made fewer lethal mistakes.

But for all of the shark attacks that are covered in the news, you would think that they would be more successful at killing their victims.