Three Thing Friday

1. Torture – I find myself in the odd position of agreeing with Senator John McCain. I agree with what he said about the CIA’s torture report that was recently released to the public. Obviously, the man has endured torture himself, so if anybody is going to have an intelligent position about torture, it would be this man.

I know people think that those who where tortured deserved it, and I have no real argument against that position. Some people also make a good case about those being tortured not being covered by the Geneva conventions since they are not recognized as combatants. Again, I have no real argument against that. I can also understand that we are trying to get information to protect Americans.

I just do not like that we lowered ourselves to their level. We are supposed to be better than them. I am not worried about this report causing our enemies to attack us; our enemies didn’t need another reason to hate us.

I have multiple issues with torture. First, any information will be suspect since those being tortured would probably say anything just to make the torture stop. I know I would. Second, like I said, we are supposed to be better than this. Third, we have now done the same things that we prosecuted Germans and Japanese for after WWII. I get it, we are the good guys, and we can do whatever we want.

I am not going to say that torture goes against American values, because it really doesn’t since the American value is the all mighty dollar, I actually think torture fits right in. But I still do not think we should torture. We are better than that.

Then again, maybe we really aren’t and we should accept who we really are. Let’s go back to worshipping that dollar.

2. Fourth cup of Coffee – Every morning, I brew the exact same amount of coffee. It doesn’t matter if I bring it to work to drink there or I drink it my living room watching some morning TV, I always brew one pot for two solid cups of coffee. I do that every day, except for today. For some reason I felt the need for a second pot. I have never had this much coffee, and I can see me bouncing off the walls in a few minutes.

I cannot explain why I needed the third and fourth cups. I wasn’t all that tired when I started brewing the pot. I just had this odd craving for a second pot.

I can even feel myself getting jittery. Wow, these ceilings need a good painting, maybe I will paint the whole house in the next three minutes…

3. Four Day Work Week – I can get used to this. I do not have to work any Friday through the month of December. Thanks to the government allowing me to work nine-hour days, I have every other Friday off. Add that to the “use or lose” leave I have left, I have off every Friday this month.

I’m not saying that these Fridays have been productive. In fact, I am not sure I got anything done so far, but I am enjoying the 4-day workweeks.

However, returning to my full schedule is going to be a bitch.