Three Thing Friday

1. More Cameras! – So, a couple of days ago another pod of orcas was caught on film killing a great white shark. Apparently they did this using the shark’s weakness of catatonic immobility. The flipped the great white upside down, and then killed it. This seems to be fairly easy for a pack of killer whales. Obviously this is not the first time that this has been caught on film. A few years ago, off an island near Mexico, the same thing was caught on film and the scientific community was awash with glee.

On the page that posted the video, at least the one I was looking at, there were some interesting comments about the attack. Some people were talking about how this, while being an act of nature, made them sad. Others said that it was exciting. Some people made the comments about how the killer whales are teach each other how to kill the sharks, and may even push the great whites to extinction.

Now, after some discussion with a friend, he brought up a good point. Is this actually a new occurrence? Is this something the orcas have only recently learned to do? Maybe, as my friend said, humans are now spending more time on the water and we all have cameras on our phones so it is easier to document something like this. It was only recently that a shark giving live birth for the first time, and it’s not like this is something the sharks just learned how to do.

Maybe, with people finally taking an interest in life under water we are beginning to see nature in all of it’s true beauty, and horror.

2. More Time! – Today, on my day off, I have an appointment with someone to look at putting solar panels on my house. Now it is not the normal solar panel setup, I will not actually own them. It’s more like I will be renting them, and will get a discount on my electrical bill. I’m not sure if it is worth it, or if I will even qualify for the solar panels. This is how my morning will be spent, waiting.

I was given a 4-hour window for this appointment. I have to wait for this guy to show up, look around my attic and at my fuse box, then leave. Finally, after all of that, I may get my day started.

At least I can get some good X-files in.

3. More Focus! – I still want to go to the Bahamas in January of next year. I still want to go diving with tiger sharks, but I am having a hard time finding exactly what I want. I found a highly recommended “tour guide” but he only does trips where you live aboard the boat for the week. Since I have friends who I want to go with me who do not dive, this does not make sense on any level. I found an option where I could rent a boat for a day, but this could get expensive if I do not have other divers, say about ten of them. I have limited funds for this trip. I guess I should lock down on a number of divers who are actually interested in going, maybe then I can make more firm plans. But, those same people will want to know exact costs before they decide if they want or can afford to go.

I still want to go, I still want to have a fun vacation with friends, but I am losing my focus on booking this trip.

I may just give up, but not yet. I still have a little under a year for this trip to come together. And I still have the hope of going back to Guadeloupe at the end of 2016, because I love diving with those great whites.