A little Frustrated

When I bought the townhouse that I currently live in, it came with GE appliances. Most of these have functioned perfectly fine. The washer, the dryer, and the refrigerator have given me absolutely no problems. The oven… well, I hardly use it, but I haven’t had any problems with it either. I only wish I could say the same for the dishwasher and the microwave. I bought this place new. No one else has lived here except my cats and me. So, no one else has used these appliances either. I broke them in, and apparently I just plain broke them.

The microwave didn’t last long. It is one of the microwaves that hang from the cabinets, and even though it broke about 2 years ago (and I have only lived here about 5 years), I still have not pulled it down. It will not turn on. The clock doesn’t even flash 12:00. All of this means the microwave will not cook. I replaced it with a cheap microwave that sits on the counter for about $50 and this microwave seems to keep chugging along just fine. I know that I haven’t had it as long as the GE, but I expect it last longer than the GE.

The dishwasher (which is currently running) seems to just randomly not want to work. Yes, it is a little like me in that in that aspect, but I expect more from an appliance. An appliance should not have laziness issues. Both times, it stopped working mid run. I would try a couple of things, then finally give up and just do the dishes my self. After about a week I would let the dishwasher have one last try and both times it would start running again.

I will never recommend GE appliances. I am sure that the builders used the cheapest options that they could, but both of these breaking within five years it just a tad frustrating.