By Its Title

A few months ago I decided to add to my collection of presidential biographies by picking up a book titled “George H. W. Bush Character at the Core” by Curt Smith. And while the extreme right wing wackos will probably defend this book to their death, and the left wing wackos will probably ask why I would waste my time with a book about a right wing nut, I decided that I wanted to read a biography on Daddy Bush. Well, apparently not all biographies are about the person listed in the title. I am going to go through my list of complaints about this book, but please realize I am only on page 42.

  1. The first chapter covered Bush’s beginnings, through WWII and into the 1950’s. What? You mean that other than getting shot down this man did nothing exciting in WWII? It barely covered his youth! Ok, fine… maybe the book will get into more depth as the chapters go on.
  2. Chapter two starts with the word “I”. What the fuck? I don’t want to read a book about the author; I want to read a book about the president. What do I care that the writer grew up in NY? The second chapter covered the author, in way too much depth.
  3. Thus far, this book has covered Nixon, Ford, Pat Nixon, Bush, and Curt Smith (the terrible writer of this book). I understand covering some of the history, but this book reads more like a defense of every republican president since Dwight Eisenhower (oh yea, he was in it to), even those who don’t need it, like Nixon and Eisenhower.
  4. I’m not even sure this qualifies as a presidential biography, so I may have to buy another book after this.

I even checked the book sleeve to see if maybe the description would explain the difference in what I expected and what I got. It didn’t. This book lied. I have heard of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but even the title of this book lied. If I am lucky, a third of this book may be on the former president. I have this fear that the rest of it will be a defense of presidents who do not need defending. I couldn’t even wait to finish the book to write a review it disgusted me that much, and yet, I will finish it.

If any one wants to read a book on a president, do NOT read this book. It may still be a good book, but it is not a good biography on Bush.

Do not judge a book by its title.