A Plethora of Bad Decisions

Today I found myself telling a tale to a friend that happened a few years ago. I swear it was like I was still in college, but this took place about five years ago. It all started when I wanted to go to a NY Rangers game. I decided that I would see them play the Flyers in Philly. I bought a couple of tickets and offered to two of my friends. Here is mistake number two, number one going to Philly to see the Rangers play. Number two is that I decided to go with my two friends who are Philly fans. One at least said that they wouldn’t kill me at the game. The wife… yea, she couldn’t promise that.

And now we come up to Bad Decision number three. The day of the game called for a terrible snowstorm, a little like the one that was predicted to hit this past weekend that turned out to be nothing. Except, this storm was something. Well, a little snow wouldn’t stop me, so I drove to my friend’s house and they drove the rest of the way to the game. The game was fun, I had a good time, and everyone gave me a hard time, as I was crazy enough to wear my Rangers jersey in enemy territory. Especially those children who were under the age of eight. There were no real bad decisions made at the game, but after the game is a different story.

After the game, we drove back to my friend’s house in a slowly building storm. It so happened that my friends were throwing a party that night. We decided to make the drive to the party house, which was only a few miles away from my house. And there is another bad decision (4?). We left my car at the first house. Plus, there was an incident that was another bad decision; I was actually hanging onto the back of my friend’s car, being dragged in the snow. I have no idea what I was thinking. Again, it was like a bad (or good) college road trip.

The trip to the party should have taken about an hour. It took us about three, maybe even four. We could have made it to Virginia in the time it took to cross the great state of New Jersey. We should have turned around, which should count as another bad decision. We passed snowplows that slid off the road. Like, actual snowplows. Trucks designed to handle these storms, and we kept driving.

We did make it to the party. We had a blast. Lots of alcohol was consumed. And it is sad when consuming lethal amounts of wine is the least bad decision you make in a night.