Three Thing Friday

1. Back to Normal – Well, after a few weeks of attempting to improve morale, we are back on the downslide. Things actually seemed to be changing in the office. Things actually seemed to improve. And now, it’s all falling apart again.

We had to watch the movie “Miracle” this week for a team building exercise. Let’s ignore the fact that taxpayer money could have been spent in better ways. I really should not have been paid to watch that movie. But the “team building” exercise ended up being more of a justification for bad leadership. It became more of “It worked for the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team, so me being a dick to you should work for you.” Heck, I would have rather stayed at my desk and actually get some work done.

Plus, a position (that I admit I didn’t even apply for) was listed as being for people in my organization only. The position was listed as for my specific organization to be exact (though not limited to my team). Well, now it seems that the way it was written was you had to meet one of four criteria. And one of those was to be a current government employee… that opened it up to everyone. Why even bother listing it as for our organization only. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

2. Half Assed – I hate half assed snowstorms. I love snow. I love the cold (although I prefer to be prepared for it). Earlier this week we got hit with a lame snowstorm. It wasn’t enough for the Army to send me home early, but it was enough to make that 6-mile trip home a giant pain in the ass. And yes, once I got here, I had to shovel the snow and slush even though the next day it was supposed to be solidly above freezing. No, if we are going to get snow, I want it to be a big storm. I want a blizzard.

And this naming of snowstorms needs to stop. Especially when the storms end up being nothing. Before you know it we are going to be hit by Spring Storm Cody, which brought with it a whopping drizzle. Let’s keep naming hurricanes, but the rest of this crap is just a waste of everyone’s time.

3. Anti-vaxxers – I love people who don’t do any research, rely on one (discredited) report, base all of their knowledge on their belief, and then proceed to cause an outbreak of a disease that we have a vaccination for. I mean, the scientist who issued his paper about the side effects of vaccines has been discredited, but none of these people want to hear that. They still believe that his report was fact and that the entire scientific community is in on a conspiracy to bring this one “man” down.

Well, now we have a massive measles outbreak in the United States, and it is started to affect those who can’t even get the vaccine (because they are too young).

Actually, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. People want to be able to blame something for their struggles, and some of those people who have autistic children have found something to latch on to. I am not saying everyone has, but a good portion has. And once one crazy celebrity backs some crazy idea, there will always be people who listen.

I am grateful my mother got me vaccinated. How if she just didn’t pass on her craziness to me.