Three Thing Friday

1. Star Wars – As soon as I saw the most recent trailer for the new Star Wars movie, I decided to go and watch the originals. Not in the order of release, and not in the order that the crazy man (George Lucas) intended, but in an order that actually makes sense. Episode IV, followed by Episode V, then Episode II, Episode III and finally Episode VI. And no, I cannot take credit for coming up with this order, it is just one I agree with.

Yes, I am skipping nothing important by missing Episode I. What do I miss? Pod racing, midiclorians, Jar-Jar, and some other minor details.

However, I am watching the Special Editions and I am disappointed. When did Boba Fett become Australian? Why was the line “You could use a good kiss” cut from Empire Strikes Back? Why does Lucas seem determined to make this a series about Anakin Skywalker and not Luke?

As bad as this series has gotten…. It is still an enjoyable series.

2. Doctor Who – We are 5 episodes into the new season, and every other episode has ended with “To be continued”. Why can’t we have stand-alone episodes anymore? Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of two part or even three part episodes, but they should be special occasions. They shouldn’t be common.

Also, I found out that a niece of a friend of mine is dressing up as a weeping angel for Halloween. I find that awesome!

3. Sleeping in – Today one of the team leads beat me into work today. This is a surprise because usually he comes in about an hour after me. I had to know why; this is not his usual behavior. Well, it turns out that his wife needed to be at work that early.

I was surprised; I wouldn’t come in that early, even if my wife had to. She could drive herself. I would sleep in, and come in at the proper time. This may be why I am not a team leader, and it may be one of the explanations as to why I am still single.

Three Thing Friday

1. Already Missing It – For some reason, it hit me today that I am not going back to Guadeloupe this year. Maybe it is reading the posts of what they are seeing out there this year. Maybe it is the stressful year-end I have had at work. Maybe it is just the fact that I enjoy going and seeing the Great Whites.

I do think that it is a good thing that I am not going. While I could squeeze out the money and actually afford to go, I’d rather save it this year. And while I do not think I would actually get bored of going to Guadeloupe, ever, it is still a possibility. Hell, I got bored of London. It is nice taking a year off from expensive trips, especially since I am already looking at two more trips next year.

Of course, one of those is to Guadeloupe.

And just because I don’t think I haven’t said it enough… Guadeloupe.

2. Divided Up – I spent a few minutes today talking with a co-worker about dividing up the United States. We weren’t dividing it up between us; we were dividing it up into a couple of new, smaller nations. Now, if there were ever another fracture between this nation of states, one that would actually cause a break-up, it probably wouldn’t end up how we imagined it. But it made sense to me.

Sadly… right now… dividing out country up into 5 or 6 separate countries also makes sense to me.

3. Voting for the Speaker – With all hell breaking loose in the House these last few weeks, I have learned a lot about the Speaker. More than I ever thought possible actually.

First, I have to respect the old speaker, who willingly resigned in order to get a temporary CRA passed so that I can actually work. I still don’t like him or like his politics, but the man resigned from a very powerful position.

Second, I fear that the crazy Tea Party has that much power to cause him to resign.

Third, I love that the Tea Party thinks they can get their own guy into power. I do not believe they do not have that much power. They can pick the Republican Party member they want, but the House, the whole House, votes on the Speaker. So guess what, they need all of the Republicans to vote their way. And if they don’t get that, they need some of the Democrats to vote for whom they want.

Think about that for a minute. They have a lot of power, but do they have that much power?

Lowering Expectations

I have to admit it; my expectations at work are a little high. I expected people to actually do their job, or at least admit it when they couldn’t. Apparently, that is just too much to expect for people I deal with.

I cannot expect the budget people to be ready for the new fiscal year. I cannot expect for them to have all of the accounts in place so that my customers can fund the contact. I guess a lot of contractors will be having a few extras days of unpaid vacation.

I cannot expect the security office to admit it when they lose some of the documents that we have emailed to them. Just admit that you lost it, and stop throwing other people under the bus to protect your own ass.

I cannot expect my customers to get in their documentation in a timely manner. I cannot expect the contracting office to respond to emails sent asking for action on certain subjects. I cannot expect people in my chain of command to have my back.

Fuck it, it’s not that I have to lower my expectations; I have to agree with what one of my co-workers has said repeatedly. I have to stop having expectations.

Feeling Dirty

I get it; sometimes you have to say things you do not mean. I have had to do it in the past, and I am sure I will have to do it in the future. Why? Well, sometimes to get someone to do something, you have to spread the fertilizer.

I should just accept it. I should just accept that sometimes I will have to do this to actually be productive. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Doesn’t mean I have to be happy that I am basically a cheap whore.

Then again… I have known that for a while…

Three Thing Friday

1. Just do your job – I am not surprised by any of this, I feel like I should be, but I am not. A coworker had one of the most unproductive days in a long time, and it was through no fault… well, a little fault, of her own. She accidently locked her computer access card, preventing her from being able to get into her own computer. Now, she did this on Thursday, got a new card, but had to get the permissions on her computer reset.

And here is where we have the beginnings of many problems. Well, my co-worker called in, told the “help desk” that she couldn’t access her computer because she needed her permissions reset. The person on the line told her to log into her computer…. What? After some conversations back and forth, trying to get the helpers to understand the problem (which is not an uncommon problem), they help desk agreed that there is a problem.

When my co-worker finally got the help desk to fill out the help ticket to get everything fixed, they forgot to actually submit it. 12 hours later and a couple of phone calls later, that problem was found, and finally the ticket was submitted.

What is wrong with these people?

2. Random Thought – I had a random thought sitting here watching TV. A commercial for a flea and tick treatment for dogs came up. It got me thinking about all of the dog commercials (flea collars, pet food, etc) that come up. I remember hearing that there are more pet cats in the world than there are pet dogs, and I wondered why there aren’t more cat commercials than dog commercials…

Then I realized what it was. There are more cats, but more dog owners. Crazy cat owners tend to have more than one…

We will not talk about this any more.

3. Another Cull – Well, it looks like Australia will be heading towards another shark cull. Add that to the bear who attacked a hiker being put down, and I begin to ask, why did we even bother getting upset with one lion named Cecil.

Everyone was up in arms over one lion (including me), but no one bats an eye at the bear or the thousands of sharks that are killed. The sea is the shark’s home. Sharks don’t infest the sea… humans do. The forest is the bear’s home, he doesn’t infest it, we do.

I like animals…. I really do hate mankind. Maybe global warming is a good thing. The Earth will survive, we will not. And that may be for the best.

Three Thing Friday

1. Debatable – Last night was the first two debates among the Republican Party members to help determine who will be the one to carry their flag in the next election. The problem is that with the time constraints and the amount of potential candidates, I didn’t think there would be much time for anything else other than a quick one-liner and maybe some “facts” that would happen to creep into the debate.

You knew they would attack Hilary. You knew they would attack Trump (always have to bring down the number 1). You knew lies and half-truths would be thrown out to swing some potential voter.

I haven’t even read the results other than a quick glance at the fact checker. I have no idea how it’s going to turn out. And why am I showing such lack of interest? Well, we have a lot of time before the primaries which I can’t even vote in anyway. Sure, some of the candidates scare the crap out of me, but it’s not like I can vote for them now anyway.

2. Forced Class – This week I had part two of a forced “Future Leadership” class. Well, it wasn’t supposed to be forced. It was supposed to be voluntary, but I was told to go. It was actually a good class. It was fun and I actually learned some things.

I confirmed that I do not want to be put into a leadership position. It’s just not a position I want to be in.

I may actually be ok at leadership, but I am not comfortable with it. Sadly, people at the office don’t seem to understand that people may not want that. They think that everyone wants to get into management and leadership. Heck, on a survey I took, I scored much lower than average when it came to how important moving up the ladder was to me. I would like more money, who wouldn’t? But I also rate success in life by how I live my life. That is more important to me than how far up the ladder I make it.

3. All is Quiet on the Eastern Front – I saw an article this week that mentioned how the United States is currently in a dry spell for hurricanes. And when I was thinking about it, without reading the article, I realized that we have a couple of years in a row where we got slammed, but more recently, I am not even sure we have been hit by anything more than a category 1.

What does this mean? Is this the clam before the storm (pun intended)? Possibly. This could be the year where we have the big one or maybe we will have another quiet year.

Three Thing Friday

1. Getting a Word In – Yesterday I had to sit in on a teleconference. The subject was nothing special, just discussing the contract I manage. It took a half hour of one guy talking, not letting anyone else to get a word in, before we managed to finally get him to allow us to say what we wanted to say. And once we did, we managed to speak what we wanted to say in the first three minutes, and that statement alone answered all of his issues and problems. Not only answered them, but as he said, solved all of the problems.

So yea, we could have spent three minutes on this teleconference, but no, we spent a half hour. Hell, there is a possibility it could have been taken care of through an email. If the man would have just let us speak. It he just would have shut the hell up for one moment.

2. Long Weeks – I have no idea why, but these last few weeks have seemed a lot longer than usual. I haven’t even had a full week. Last week was Loki’s illness, forcing me to take some leave (actually not bitter, it was for Loki after all). This week was meetings, being tied up trying to get something to print, and just a lot of other work related issues.

I have no idea why the short weeks always happen to seem so much longer than some of the normal workweeks. But damn, this weekend better recharge my batteries. The last few weekends just have not even been close to long enough.

3. All Lives Matter – The former governor of Maryland, and now one of the Democrats running for the presidential ticket, had to apologize for making the statement “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” Right after saying this, he got booed, and then he proceeded to say it again.

So, I have heard the argument that him saying that all lives mattered minimalized black lives. However, the protesters booing him also made them sound hypocritical, and that they don’t think all lives matter.

I’m not saying that I understand all that’s is going down lately. I do get that the candidate should not have made the same statement a second time after being booed, that’s just stupid. Of course, being on the spot like that can be difficult, but he wants to be a presidential candidate, he will have to better than this.

I will say that I do not agree with O’Malley apologizing for saying “All lives matter.” I would not have, but then, I will also never be president. And I am ok with that.

All lives do matter.

Three Thing Friday

1. The MINI – She may be coming to an end. Tuesday night I had an electrical short that triggered almost every warning light in the car. Wednesday, the service engine light went on. The light went off on Thursday, so I thought that was a good thing.

However, today on the way to work, I lost all power and the car limited my ability to accelerate. I couldn’t get up enough speed to get out of second gear. I restart fixed the issue, except the service engine light was back on. Well, apparently accelerating fast trips all of the issues.

I have a feeling this is going to be an expensive repair…. So maybe a new car is on the horizon.

2. Milkshakes – I went to Burger King the other day, and instead of ordering some ice cream like my friend, I ordered a large milkshake. It’s been a while since I had one, and this one was Oreo flavored. For a BK shake, it wasn’t at all. In fact, I would recommend it almost as much as the Shamrock shakes from McDonalds.

So yes, I would recommend the shake from Burger King… but I felt like crap after it.

3. I picked a bad month to give up drinking – I am not falling off the wagon yet, this was a rough week. Class, while interesting and job related, was dry as hell. Granted, it was still better than work, but it sucked.

And then my first full day back to work wasn’t any better. I know I have a few bottles of wine calling my name, but I am going to pass. One month isn’t that long, I can easily do this. But week one was one heck of a test.

Please Do Not Read

This week I am in a class for four days learning about appropriation law. Trust me, it is as exciting as it sounds. The material is dry, but at least I am not in the office, and the instructor is good. Appropriation law actually deals with my day-to-day job, so there is that as well.

But the best part of class so far is one of the pages in one of the many books we keep referring to.

And with that statement, I leave you with this picture taken of that book.


Three Thing Friday

1. It’s just a game – All hell recently broke lose in a game I play. People were offended. People stopped playing. Insults were thrown. It was not pretty, and all of this over a game.

The biggest problem I had was the threats that were made for not taking the game seriously enough. It was like we were going to actual war, not a fictional war that is supposed to be fun.

Having had enough, I left. The game was no longer fun; it was being taken too seriously. I have enough stress in my life, a mortgage, work, and an aging car. I do not need fictional stress.

2. 40-Years Ago – Back in 1975, one film proceeded to scare people out of the water for an entire summer. It also caused a backlash that no one predicted. Jaws premiered 40 years ago and changed the face of the film industry, the shore industry, and the lives of billions of sharks.

The FICTIONAL film was treated as fact and demonized the shark. Even Peter Benchley stated that if he knew what would happen to the sharks, he would never have written the book. That is not to say that only bad things happened because of this film, people got interested in sharks. Plenty of shark biologists credit Jaws with getting them into their chosen field.

It also gave us the summer blockbuster… which may not be a good thing. This was the first true summer blockbuster, and now we have a film industry who will dump millions into a film hoping to be the next big thing.

On June 21st the film will be in select theaters. Will I see it? Probably.

3. Put to work – From Monday the 18th to Monday the 25th my friends put me to work. First, I had to help unload a moving van full of crap into a friend’s house on the first hot day of the year. This wouldn’t be so bad, except I know that in a few weeks they will be moving back out. This is just a temporary storage place. Can someone say POD?

After that I went up to New Jersey to help two more friends with moving. They just got a house (congratulations guys) and needed to pack up, move out, and toss crap into the garbage. I helped with their desk, couch, animals, and just general packing.

The final task I have was to water another friend’s yard. He just had sod installed and it needed daily watering. With it being a holiday weekend, he went up to see his parents. So, I found myself watering his lawn on Sunday and Monday.

And that was my week…