Three Thing Friday

1. Just Stupid – Well, today was one of my Friday’s off, which I get every other week. But, apparently, I didn’t realize this last night. First, I awoke at 4:30 am panicking thinking that it was Thursday and that I had to go into work. It actually took me a few minutes to realize that it was Friday and that I was going to be able to sleep in after all.

Yea, until my alarm went off at 4:40 am. That is when I just gave up. I just got up and started my day. It was obvious that it was just meant to be. However, I may need a nap.

2. Tying a Knot – So, this week the US Army lost a small little blimp that was tied up here in Maryland. Equipment worth billions of dollars floated away into enemy territory… Amish Territory. Ok, it just floated from here in to PA, and was chased down by two F-16 fighter jets… that could easily out pace the blimp. (Look, another left turn!)

Now, the scary part of all this is that I made a joke about that because this blimp escaped, we as army civilians would have to take mandatory training about how to tie a knot.

The sad part of all this is that the joke is very believable. I may end up with training over this whole incident.


3. Halloween – Well, tomorrow the beggars come. Bring them on I say! Let them stuff themselves with sugar and let their parents deal with their out of control children! Let them celebrate the birth of Satan…

Wait… that’s not right. Halloween isn’t the birth of Satan. That’s just a lie that the uneducated push because they don’t like celebrations that are not of their religions.

It’s sad that Halloween being the birthday of Satan is actually being taught to children now.

It is debated if Halloween was originally a pagan holiday or has its history with Christian origins. However, it doesn’t matter where the origins. The candy companies and the costume companies have turned into a day of profits… warming up to the Christmas Season, which starts in September…
Wait…. Really?

Three Thing Friday

1. Star Wars – As soon as I saw the most recent trailer for the new Star Wars movie, I decided to go and watch the originals. Not in the order of release, and not in the order that the crazy man (George Lucas) intended, but in an order that actually makes sense. Episode IV, followed by Episode V, then Episode II, Episode III and finally Episode VI. And no, I cannot take credit for coming up with this order, it is just one I agree with.

Yes, I am skipping nothing important by missing Episode I. What do I miss? Pod racing, midiclorians, Jar-Jar, and some other minor details.

However, I am watching the Special Editions and I am disappointed. When did Boba Fett become Australian? Why was the line “You could use a good kiss” cut from Empire Strikes Back? Why does Lucas seem determined to make this a series about Anakin Skywalker and not Luke?

As bad as this series has gotten…. It is still an enjoyable series.

2. Doctor Who – We are 5 episodes into the new season, and every other episode has ended with “To be continued”. Why can’t we have stand-alone episodes anymore? Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of two part or even three part episodes, but they should be special occasions. They shouldn’t be common.

Also, I found out that a niece of a friend of mine is dressing up as a weeping angel for Halloween. I find that awesome!

3. Sleeping in – Today one of the team leads beat me into work today. This is a surprise because usually he comes in about an hour after me. I had to know why; this is not his usual behavior. Well, it turns out that his wife needed to be at work that early.

I was surprised; I wouldn’t come in that early, even if my wife had to. She could drive herself. I would sleep in, and come in at the proper time. This may be why I am not a team leader, and it may be one of the explanations as to why I am still single.

Three Thing Friday

1. Sitting Idle – I hate sitting idle on my day off. I have to run out and get some shopping done. I could be cleaning… just not in the mood to start yet. Why am I not out getting stuff done?

Well, I ordered a gift for some friends, but I have to be home to sign for it. I actually tried to get out of the house to get some cat food, but as soon as I left my community, I saw a FedEx truck on the road. Odds were that it wasn’t carrying my package, but I just cannot take the risk. I need this stuff before tomorrow.

Damn I hate waiting…

2. Little Terror – The new kitten is driving me crazy. And I am sure that Loki has considered killing him. He loves to play, like all kittens. And he loves getting into things. Not a day goes by where I don’t pick him up off the counter or kitchen table. Loki hisses and growls at him a couple of times a day.

Rama, the kitten, wants to play. He has attacked Loki repeatedly. Loki slaps him around and walks off. I have to give Loki credit; he doesn’t want to fight Rama. He doesn’t want to play, but he doesn’t want to fight.

I hope one day that Rama will calm down. Loki… he has never been like Rama. However, I have only known him after he was past the kitten stage. Maybe he used to be like this too.

3. Chaos when there should be Order – As I wait here for the package, I have BBC America on which is currently airing Doctor Who. And frankly it is driving me nuts. They are not airing the episodes in any order. The first one I caught was one of David Tennant’s last episodes. The following episode was his first episode.

I want an order that makes sense. I want them to run in order.

Of course… I could just put on some DVDs and stop complaining…

Three Thing Friday

1. Already Missing It – For some reason, it hit me today that I am not going back to Guadeloupe this year. Maybe it is reading the posts of what they are seeing out there this year. Maybe it is the stressful year-end I have had at work. Maybe it is just the fact that I enjoy going and seeing the Great Whites.

I do think that it is a good thing that I am not going. While I could squeeze out the money and actually afford to go, I’d rather save it this year. And while I do not think I would actually get bored of going to Guadeloupe, ever, it is still a possibility. Hell, I got bored of London. It is nice taking a year off from expensive trips, especially since I am already looking at two more trips next year.

Of course, one of those is to Guadeloupe.

And just because I don’t think I haven’t said it enough… Guadeloupe.

2. Divided Up – I spent a few minutes today talking with a co-worker about dividing up the United States. We weren’t dividing it up between us; we were dividing it up into a couple of new, smaller nations. Now, if there were ever another fracture between this nation of states, one that would actually cause a break-up, it probably wouldn’t end up how we imagined it. But it made sense to me.

Sadly… right now… dividing out country up into 5 or 6 separate countries also makes sense to me.

3. Voting for the Speaker – With all hell breaking loose in the House these last few weeks, I have learned a lot about the Speaker. More than I ever thought possible actually.

First, I have to respect the old speaker, who willingly resigned in order to get a temporary CRA passed so that I can actually work. I still don’t like him or like his politics, but the man resigned from a very powerful position.

Second, I fear that the crazy Tea Party has that much power to cause him to resign.

Third, I love that the Tea Party thinks they can get their own guy into power. I do not believe they do not have that much power. They can pick the Republican Party member they want, but the House, the whole House, votes on the Speaker. So guess what, they need all of the Republicans to vote their way. And if they don’t get that, they need some of the Democrats to vote for whom they want.

Think about that for a minute. They have a lot of power, but do they have that much power?

Three Thing Friday

1. Ashamed of America – On this patriotic day, I felt the need to say that there are a few things that this country did that I am not proud of. And while we may not be trying to cover it up, we do seem to not talk about it.

We never seem to discuss the camp that we put loyal American citizens in order to “keep them Safe.” Bull shit. We put yanked loyal Americans into camps during WWII because they looked different. We didn’t put the Americans with German ancestry or the Americans with Italian ancestry into camps; we only put those of Japanese ancestry into camps. These loyal Americans even fought for this country, after their property was taken, and while their families were basically in a prison. And don’t tell me they were treated nice; tell me how nice it is in south Louisiana during the summer. This wasn’t taught to me when I was in school; I had to learn it elsewhere.

Then there is the tale of the SS St. Louis, the voyage of the damned. This ship left Germany, carrying 936 passengers. The first place this ship of refugees tried to dock at was Cuba, which promptly denied them entry. After Cuba, they ship turned North, and was escorted to the coast of Miami, but was once again not allow into port. After another attempt to dock in the States, they continued onto to Canada, but were finally returned to Europe. Some European countries did take in these refugees. Sadly, by the end of World War Two, 227 of those passengers were killed, mostly in the concentration camps in Germany. Most of those could have been saved if we let them into our great nation.

These are just two examples, we could cover the small pox infected blankets, the American-Indians and how we treated them throughout the years, the lies used to go invade Iraq, toppling a government that was legitimately elected because we didn’t like them (CIA and Iran cough cough…), and worst of all, the current candidates trying to become President of this nations. Damn they are embarrassing. This is the best we have?

2. Proud of America – There are so many things about this country that we should be proud of. This great nation put twelve men on the moon. This country came together after the bombing of Pearl Harbor to defeat the Axis powers during WWII. This country sent troops and a lot of money to the areas devastated by the great tsunami of 2004. The way this country came together after the attacks on September 11th is something that I am very proud of.

Maybe it takes a war or a disaster to make this country great. World War One. World War Two. The Cold War. We can be a great country, and we can be great again. We can step it up. I am not sure the current collection of politicians can make this country great, but we can be great.

3. A Nation of Acceptance – This is a country that is supposed to be accepting of others. However, we seem to have drifted away from that. We group all Muslims as terrorists. We group all people who are against gay marriage as ignorant idiots. We group all people who support gay marriage as people who are against religion and who want to take away others rights.

We are no longer tolerant. We are a country filled with hate. We lost the love we felt for each other after 11 September. And even then, how much love did we have? We are a people who killed a Buddhist because we were too stupid to realize that he was not Muslim.

We can be a great country. We should be a great country. We should stand up, and be the country that we want to be. We should take some of the refugees from the Syrian conflict, since part of that is our own fault. We should not build a wall dividing us from Mexico. I cannot fault these people for wanting a better life (plus, I don’t want my wine costs to go up). We should stand with our brothers in Europe against tyranny.

We can do this. We are that good.

Three Thing Friday

1. Bill O’Reilly – I love this man. Every time he speaks I realize that I am slightly above average when it comes to intelligence in America… and this man is way below average. OK, maybe I am not above average, but I am at least twice as smart as that man.

This week he said the reason that the violence in America is increasing is due to the lack of religious belief. That he cannot think of one Christian man who committed murder in any of the news reports he covered. I believe that Bill even said “Every single murderer over 40 years that I have covered in these circumstances has been either atheistic, agnostic, no religious basis at all.” Bill must have one hell of a short-term memory, since he was talking about the shooting of the news reporter and photographer, who were killed by a Christian man.

I found a list of the 10 worst incidents committed by Christians. A few of these include the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin in 2012, the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church shooting in 2008, the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in 1996, the Planned Parenting bombing in 1994, the suicide attack on the IRS building in 2010, and Tim McVeigh’s bombing in Oklahoma in 1995.

So either Bill didn’t cover any of these, and should be fired as a news reporter. Or he has very poor memory, should go see a doctor… and be fired as a reporter.

2. Support from all the wrong places – So, Donald Trump thinks he has the black vote, the Hispanic vote, and the Asian vote. All we can confirm so far is that he has the support of a former KKK Clan leader. I will give Trump credit, he did say that he doesn’t need that support, but maybe he should have said that he didn’t want it either.

Also, maybe he should look at the poles. What I have heard is that he has about 3% of the African American vote. The African-American voter would vote for Hilary before they would vote for him. Whatever reality Trump is in, I would love to visit. It seems like a nice place to go.

3. Changing Targets – Just so my few republican friends don’t think I am concentrating on one bad party, I am now changing targets to Clinton. The fact that she was, until recently, joking about her sending classified emails over her personal email account, and before that she was angry when even asked about those accounts shows that this woman should not be in position of authority. If I did this, if I used my personal account to send classified emails, I cannot imagine the shit storm I would have caused.

And the fact that she joked about it, I cannot even put into words how fucked up that is. Do I personally hate the woman? No. But I no longer think she would even make an adequate president (Although, she would still be better than Palin).

She may or may not have caused the deaths of American citizens, but she could have. And we shouldn’t make it easy for those who want to kill Americans, and that she may have done as well.

Three Thing Friday

1. Checking Out – Today I had to go out and get a lot of things accomplished, hair cut, shopping at Home Depot, getting some cat food, and finally shopping for myself at BJ’s. It was while I was using the self-checkout at BJ’s that I realized that I like being able to check out on my own and not deal with people. At both Home Depot and BJ’s I used the self-checkout, and if Pet Smart had the option, I would have used it there too. Hell, if I didn’t want to clean up after myself, I would even cut out the interaction required when getting my haircut and do that on my own too.

These thoughts also made me wonder if moving towards self-checkouts is a good thing. They say people need human interaction, but with the Internet, self-checkouts, texting, Facebook, and other ways, we seem to be moving to a generation of people able to have no interaction with other people.

Actually, that makes me a little happy inside.

2. Connected too much – While I was getting my haircut, there was a woman at the shop with her three children. While two of them were getting their hair done, mom decided to get a call in to some unknown individual.

Once she left, with her children thankfully, a conversation between the barbers began and I got to hear it all. It was between two parents from different generations. The older person thought that she should have kept an eye on the children, not take a few minutes to get in a phone call. It’s not like the older generation had cell phones, and their children were raised just fine.
Of course, the younger barber, a mother of course, stuck up for the mother of three. Saying that sometimes, you take any chance you can get to get something done. Yes, she should have been watching the children (even though they were being watched by those cutting their hair), but maybe she had to get this call in.

Of course, all this proves is that I still do not want children.

3. Tomorrow – Tomorrow, I have to get the kittens in a car so I can pass them off to someone to take them to the vet next week. This should be interesting. Two kittens squeezed into one small cat carrier. Hopefully the little buggers get along enough to survive this ride.

When they are done with the vet, only one of them may be returning with me. I believe Loki can handle one of the kittens. It’s the less energetic one. I hope my friend Chrissie, who is adopting the second kitten, can handle his energy…

I couldn’t.

Three Thing Friday

1. Just do your job – I am not surprised by any of this, I feel like I should be, but I am not. A coworker had one of the most unproductive days in a long time, and it was through no fault… well, a little fault, of her own. She accidently locked her computer access card, preventing her from being able to get into her own computer. Now, she did this on Thursday, got a new card, but had to get the permissions on her computer reset.

And here is where we have the beginnings of many problems. Well, my co-worker called in, told the “help desk” that she couldn’t access her computer because she needed her permissions reset. The person on the line told her to log into her computer…. What? After some conversations back and forth, trying to get the helpers to understand the problem (which is not an uncommon problem), they help desk agreed that there is a problem.

When my co-worker finally got the help desk to fill out the help ticket to get everything fixed, they forgot to actually submit it. 12 hours later and a couple of phone calls later, that problem was found, and finally the ticket was submitted.

What is wrong with these people?

2. Random Thought – I had a random thought sitting here watching TV. A commercial for a flea and tick treatment for dogs came up. It got me thinking about all of the dog commercials (flea collars, pet food, etc) that come up. I remember hearing that there are more pet cats in the world than there are pet dogs, and I wondered why there aren’t more cat commercials than dog commercials…

Then I realized what it was. There are more cats, but more dog owners. Crazy cat owners tend to have more than one…

We will not talk about this any more.

3. Another Cull – Well, it looks like Australia will be heading towards another shark cull. Add that to the bear who attacked a hiker being put down, and I begin to ask, why did we even bother getting upset with one lion named Cecil.

Everyone was up in arms over one lion (including me), but no one bats an eye at the bear or the thousands of sharks that are killed. The sea is the shark’s home. Sharks don’t infest the sea… humans do. The forest is the bear’s home, he doesn’t infest it, we do.

I like animals…. I really do hate mankind. Maybe global warming is a good thing. The Earth will survive, we will not. And that may be for the best.

Three Thing Friday

1. Debatable – Last night was the first two debates among the Republican Party members to help determine who will be the one to carry their flag in the next election. The problem is that with the time constraints and the amount of potential candidates, I didn’t think there would be much time for anything else other than a quick one-liner and maybe some “facts” that would happen to creep into the debate.

You knew they would attack Hilary. You knew they would attack Trump (always have to bring down the number 1). You knew lies and half-truths would be thrown out to swing some potential voter.

I haven’t even read the results other than a quick glance at the fact checker. I have no idea how it’s going to turn out. And why am I showing such lack of interest? Well, we have a lot of time before the primaries which I can’t even vote in anyway. Sure, some of the candidates scare the crap out of me, but it’s not like I can vote for them now anyway.

2. Forced Class – This week I had part two of a forced “Future Leadership” class. Well, it wasn’t supposed to be forced. It was supposed to be voluntary, but I was told to go. It was actually a good class. It was fun and I actually learned some things.

I confirmed that I do not want to be put into a leadership position. It’s just not a position I want to be in.

I may actually be ok at leadership, but I am not comfortable with it. Sadly, people at the office don’t seem to understand that people may not want that. They think that everyone wants to get into management and leadership. Heck, on a survey I took, I scored much lower than average when it came to how important moving up the ladder was to me. I would like more money, who wouldn’t? But I also rate success in life by how I live my life. That is more important to me than how far up the ladder I make it.

3. All is Quiet on the Eastern Front – I saw an article this week that mentioned how the United States is currently in a dry spell for hurricanes. And when I was thinking about it, without reading the article, I realized that we have a couple of years in a row where we got slammed, but more recently, I am not even sure we have been hit by anything more than a category 1.

What does this mean? Is this the clam before the storm (pun intended)? Possibly. This could be the year where we have the big one or maybe we will have another quiet year.

Three Thing Friday

1. Getting a Word In – Yesterday I had to sit in on a teleconference. The subject was nothing special, just discussing the contract I manage. It took a half hour of one guy talking, not letting anyone else to get a word in, before we managed to finally get him to allow us to say what we wanted to say. And once we did, we managed to speak what we wanted to say in the first three minutes, and that statement alone answered all of his issues and problems. Not only answered them, but as he said, solved all of the problems.

So yea, we could have spent three minutes on this teleconference, but no, we spent a half hour. Hell, there is a possibility it could have been taken care of through an email. If the man would have just let us speak. It he just would have shut the hell up for one moment.

2. Long Weeks – I have no idea why, but these last few weeks have seemed a lot longer than usual. I haven’t even had a full week. Last week was Loki’s illness, forcing me to take some leave (actually not bitter, it was for Loki after all). This week was meetings, being tied up trying to get something to print, and just a lot of other work related issues.

I have no idea why the short weeks always happen to seem so much longer than some of the normal workweeks. But damn, this weekend better recharge my batteries. The last few weekends just have not even been close to long enough.

3. All Lives Matter – The former governor of Maryland, and now one of the Democrats running for the presidential ticket, had to apologize for making the statement “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” Right after saying this, he got booed, and then he proceeded to say it again.

So, I have heard the argument that him saying that all lives mattered minimalized black lives. However, the protesters booing him also made them sound hypocritical, and that they don’t think all lives matter.

I’m not saying that I understand all that’s is going down lately. I do get that the candidate should not have made the same statement a second time after being booed, that’s just stupid. Of course, being on the spot like that can be difficult, but he wants to be a presidential candidate, he will have to better than this.

I will say that I do not agree with O’Malley apologizing for saying “All lives matter.” I would not have, but then, I will also never be president. And I am ok with that.

All lives do matter.