Three Thing Friday

1. Just Stupid – Well, today was one of my Friday’s off, which I get every other week. But, apparently, I didn’t realize this last night. First, I awoke at 4:30 am panicking thinking that it was Thursday and that I had to go into work. It actually took me a few minutes to realize that it was Friday and that I was going to be able to sleep in after all.

Yea, until my alarm went off at 4:40 am. That is when I just gave up. I just got up and started my day. It was obvious that it was just meant to be. However, I may need a nap.

2. Tying a Knot – So, this week the US Army lost a small little blimp that was tied up here in Maryland. Equipment worth billions of dollars floated away into enemy territory… Amish Territory. Ok, it just floated from here in to PA, and was chased down by two F-16 fighter jets… that could easily out pace the blimp. (Look, another left turn!)

Now, the scary part of all this is that I made a joke about that because this blimp escaped, we as army civilians would have to take mandatory training about how to tie a knot.

The sad part of all this is that the joke is very believable. I may end up with training over this whole incident.


3. Halloween – Well, tomorrow the beggars come. Bring them on I say! Let them stuff themselves with sugar and let their parents deal with their out of control children! Let them celebrate the birth of Satan…

Wait… that’s not right. Halloween isn’t the birth of Satan. That’s just a lie that the uneducated push because they don’t like celebrations that are not of their religions.

It’s sad that Halloween being the birthday of Satan is actually being taught to children now.

It is debated if Halloween was originally a pagan holiday or has its history with Christian origins. However, it doesn’t matter where the origins. The candy companies and the costume companies have turned into a day of profits… warming up to the Christmas Season, which starts in September…
Wait…. Really?

The Return

It is amazing how easy it is to stop blogging. It’s not like I haven’t had a ton of topics. I’ve been thrown under the bus at work. We have comedians running for office and other comedians telling us the news, usually more accurately than actual news agencies. I have a kitten now that terrorizes Loki and Loki knows that it is all my fault.

However, I just haven’t had the motivation to write. At first, I only wanted to take a short break. Weeks later I am still not in the mood to actually write. My friend, a fellow blogger, has told me how easy it is to stop. Restarting is just as hard.

So, I am going to give it a try. I am going to start again.

At least for tonight.

Not Suitable for Children

I am sitting here watching “Batman: Under the Red Hood” and I realize that this film is one of the darker DC videos. It opens with the Joker beating Jason Todd to death with a crowbar. Not a bat way to start the film.

DC films, when they do their cartoon versions, are actually pretty good. This one, for example, does cover the Jason Todd story very well. However, it is pretty violent. It even has a rating of PG-13. The problem is, it is still a cartoon. I am sure some parents figured that it is a Batman cartoon, and that it could not possibly be all that bad.

But seriously… if you do not know the story of Jason Todd… it’s a violent tale that starts with his death.

At least it has Nightwing in it.

Three Thing Friday

1. Bill O’Reilly – I love this man. Every time he speaks I realize that I am slightly above average when it comes to intelligence in America… and this man is way below average. OK, maybe I am not above average, but I am at least twice as smart as that man.

This week he said the reason that the violence in America is increasing is due to the lack of religious belief. That he cannot think of one Christian man who committed murder in any of the news reports he covered. I believe that Bill even said “Every single murderer over 40 years that I have covered in these circumstances has been either atheistic, agnostic, no religious basis at all.” Bill must have one hell of a short-term memory, since he was talking about the shooting of the news reporter and photographer, who were killed by a Christian man.

I found a list of the 10 worst incidents committed by Christians. A few of these include the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin in 2012, the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church shooting in 2008, the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in 1996, the Planned Parenting bombing in 1994, the suicide attack on the IRS building in 2010, and Tim McVeigh’s bombing in Oklahoma in 1995.

So either Bill didn’t cover any of these, and should be fired as a news reporter. Or he has very poor memory, should go see a doctor… and be fired as a reporter.

2. Support from all the wrong places – So, Donald Trump thinks he has the black vote, the Hispanic vote, and the Asian vote. All we can confirm so far is that he has the support of a former KKK Clan leader. I will give Trump credit, he did say that he doesn’t need that support, but maybe he should have said that he didn’t want it either.

Also, maybe he should look at the poles. What I have heard is that he has about 3% of the African American vote. The African-American voter would vote for Hilary before they would vote for him. Whatever reality Trump is in, I would love to visit. It seems like a nice place to go.

3. Changing Targets – Just so my few republican friends don’t think I am concentrating on one bad party, I am now changing targets to Clinton. The fact that she was, until recently, joking about her sending classified emails over her personal email account, and before that she was angry when even asked about those accounts shows that this woman should not be in position of authority. If I did this, if I used my personal account to send classified emails, I cannot imagine the shit storm I would have caused.

And the fact that she joked about it, I cannot even put into words how fucked up that is. Do I personally hate the woman? No. But I no longer think she would even make an adequate president (Although, she would still be better than Palin).

She may or may not have caused the deaths of American citizens, but she could have. And we shouldn’t make it easy for those who want to kill Americans, and that she may have done as well.

Short Term Excitement

As everyone should know, the Stock Market opened down today. Very, very down. Like, 1000 points down. This is due to many factors, but I will not go into each of them, because if you don’t know by now, shame on you.

I will say that leading up to the opening of the market was the most excited I have been in a while. I had no idea what it was going to do. Was there going to be a sell off? Was there going to be people taking the opportunity to buy (like I thought about doing)?

Well, I was keeping an eye on Ford’s stock price. And once the bell rang, they were all over the place. For the first 15 minutes their stock price jumped between 15 percent down all the way down to 25% down and back up, and back down again. Then it did what I should have guessed it would do, the price started climbing. Before I knew it, it closed less than 5% down, meaning I should have gone with my guy and bought the shares.

Is this the end of capitalism as we know it? Of course not, capitalism will continue on, this was just a blip on the radar. Tomorrow may have another down day, or it could be a recovery day. It does help that I have no plans on retiring anytime soon, I can watch this with excitement. I expect to recover any losses I suffered today. In fact, I expect to buy some shares soon. It’s a shame the market recovered half of it’s losses from opening. I would have loved to purchase everything at discount. Of course, I still may be able to tomorrow.

Three Thing Friday

1. Just do your job – I am not surprised by any of this, I feel like I should be, but I am not. A coworker had one of the most unproductive days in a long time, and it was through no fault… well, a little fault, of her own. She accidently locked her computer access card, preventing her from being able to get into her own computer. Now, she did this on Thursday, got a new card, but had to get the permissions on her computer reset.

And here is where we have the beginnings of many problems. Well, my co-worker called in, told the “help desk” that she couldn’t access her computer because she needed her permissions reset. The person on the line told her to log into her computer…. What? After some conversations back and forth, trying to get the helpers to understand the problem (which is not an uncommon problem), they help desk agreed that there is a problem.

When my co-worker finally got the help desk to fill out the help ticket to get everything fixed, they forgot to actually submit it. 12 hours later and a couple of phone calls later, that problem was found, and finally the ticket was submitted.

What is wrong with these people?

2. Random Thought – I had a random thought sitting here watching TV. A commercial for a flea and tick treatment for dogs came up. It got me thinking about all of the dog commercials (flea collars, pet food, etc) that come up. I remember hearing that there are more pet cats in the world than there are pet dogs, and I wondered why there aren’t more cat commercials than dog commercials…

Then I realized what it was. There are more cats, but more dog owners. Crazy cat owners tend to have more than one…

We will not talk about this any more.

3. Another Cull – Well, it looks like Australia will be heading towards another shark cull. Add that to the bear who attacked a hiker being put down, and I begin to ask, why did we even bother getting upset with one lion named Cecil.

Everyone was up in arms over one lion (including me), but no one bats an eye at the bear or the thousands of sharks that are killed. The sea is the shark’s home. Sharks don’t infest the sea… humans do. The forest is the bear’s home, he doesn’t infest it, we do.

I like animals…. I really do hate mankind. Maybe global warming is a good thing. The Earth will survive, we will not. And that may be for the best.

Three Thing Friday

1. Debatable – Last night was the first two debates among the Republican Party members to help determine who will be the one to carry their flag in the next election. The problem is that with the time constraints and the amount of potential candidates, I didn’t think there would be much time for anything else other than a quick one-liner and maybe some “facts” that would happen to creep into the debate.

You knew they would attack Hilary. You knew they would attack Trump (always have to bring down the number 1). You knew lies and half-truths would be thrown out to swing some potential voter.

I haven’t even read the results other than a quick glance at the fact checker. I have no idea how it’s going to turn out. And why am I showing such lack of interest? Well, we have a lot of time before the primaries which I can’t even vote in anyway. Sure, some of the candidates scare the crap out of me, but it’s not like I can vote for them now anyway.

2. Forced Class – This week I had part two of a forced “Future Leadership” class. Well, it wasn’t supposed to be forced. It was supposed to be voluntary, but I was told to go. It was actually a good class. It was fun and I actually learned some things.

I confirmed that I do not want to be put into a leadership position. It’s just not a position I want to be in.

I may actually be ok at leadership, but I am not comfortable with it. Sadly, people at the office don’t seem to understand that people may not want that. They think that everyone wants to get into management and leadership. Heck, on a survey I took, I scored much lower than average when it came to how important moving up the ladder was to me. I would like more money, who wouldn’t? But I also rate success in life by how I live my life. That is more important to me than how far up the ladder I make it.

3. All is Quiet on the Eastern Front – I saw an article this week that mentioned how the United States is currently in a dry spell for hurricanes. And when I was thinking about it, without reading the article, I realized that we have a couple of years in a row where we got slammed, but more recently, I am not even sure we have been hit by anything more than a category 1.

What does this mean? Is this the clam before the storm (pun intended)? Possibly. This could be the year where we have the big one or maybe we will have another quiet year.

Three Thing Friday

1. Dumbass – So, we have a dentist who is shocked at the anger that has come from his murdering a lion. He says that he relied on the professionalism of his guides to make it a legal hunt. He apologized for what he did. He didn’t realize that they were luring the lion out of a protected habitat and that it was a lion that was tagged and being studied. Yet, he tried to hide the evidence, rather than man up and say he made a mistake.

Should we extradite him to face punishment? Yes, if we can find him. Will he get a fair trial? No, of course not. However, I am not sure what the outcome will be. I feel like he would either pay people off and get away with it (since that is basically what he has already tried to do) or maybe he will be put to death. I admit that if he got the death penalty, I wouldn’t be all that upset.

Everyone knows I like animals more than I like most people, so having someone I don’t know, and someone who I already don’t like, put to death for killing an animal is not upsetting to me at all.

I don’t get hunting for “sport”. It’s a sport to kill something that has no chance to fight back? Let the hunters hunt each other. At least there is some actual sport involved in that. Plus, there would be fewer people in the world, making me slightly happier. The only problem I have no is that his asshattery is now affecting his dental technicians. I hope they can find a new location of work soon, with out jackass.

2. The Science of Stupid – You should watch it. It has one of the hosts from Top Gear, Richard Hammond, going over Internet video disasters and explaining the science of how to get it right, and how it went so wrong. It’s worth it, and so far I have only watched one episode…

3. Welcome Back Boys – Speaking of Top Gear, the three hosts have agreed to host a Autoshow on Amazon. I have to admit I was surprised that Amazon won the contract deal. I really thought Netflix was going to win the deal.

I guess this means I will be getting Amazon Prime soon. Oh look! Free two day delivery.

Three Thing Friday

1. Loki is home – So, he only spent one night in the vet. He seems less stressed now than I did last night. He does look pretty sad with a hairless belly and one of his paws being shaved too.

We still don’t know what was wrong, but he seems happier. Of course, that could be because the kittens are locked away in the guest bedroom. I feel guilty, but I need my Loki back. I miss the old Loki.

Plus, now I have to give him pills. This will end in blood. Mine. All over the house.

2. Who is next? – So, the race for the race to be president is on. The republic party will probably clear 20 runners shortly, while the democrats have… well, other than Hillary, I have no idea who is running. I don’t know if that is good or bad.

But for the republicans we have Bush, Trump, Christie, and a few (MANY) others that I don’t remember. I am already sick of this race and it hasn’t even started yet.

At least the next few months should be good for laughs. With Trump and Christie, I should be laughing so hard I cry.

3. Actually Excited – I have no idea why, but I am actually excited about some movies that are coming out.

James Bond – I will see this in the theater. I see every Bond film in the theater.

Bat v Sup – Yes, I am finally excited about this movie. Will it be great? Maybe. Will Affleck kill the Batman? Probably. Will it disappoint? Most likely. But for some reason, I am excited to see it.

Suicide Squad – I am almost more excited to see this movie than I am to see the next Godzilla movie, Japanese or American. I mean… Harley Quinn? I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I may hate it later like most DC movies, but it has fucking Harley Quinn!

Oh yea… Godzilla, the Japanese Movie – SUPER EXCITED

American Godzilla – Just as SUPER EXCITED

And of course, the movie I will probably see multiple times, Star Wars. This I have to see. I expect so much, yet fear that my high expectations will only end up with me being let down.

A Not So Final Farewell

Tomorrow, one of my good friends is moving away to pursue his dream job. While I am not happy that his dream takes him 800 miles away, I cannot blame him for following his dream. I wish I could, but I still do not know what my dream job would be. Probably diving with sharks, if I didn’t always get seasick on the way to Guadeloupe.

It’s in human nature to dislike change. Well, at least it’s my nature. I have a hard enough time making friends as it is, and one of the few I have down here, is not going to be down here much longer. A massive change like this sucks.

And while I have a hard time making friends, the one’s I have made here in Maryland I do consider good friends, great friends. Friends that I would not want to lose touch with. So, while he will be 800 miles away, with today’s technology, I am sure that we will keep communication lines open.

800 miles means a lot less today than it did 100 years ago. Not only does everyone have cell phones now, we have access to video chat, Facebook, Skype, online gaming (yea, I still don’t do that).

Sorry Seth, moving to Maryland won’t get rid of me that easy.