Three Thing Friday

1. Dumbass – So, we have a dentist who is shocked at the anger that has come from his murdering a lion. He says that he relied on the professionalism of his guides to make it a legal hunt. He apologized for what he did. He didn’t realize that they were luring the lion out of a protected habitat and that it was a lion that was tagged and being studied. Yet, he tried to hide the evidence, rather than man up and say he made a mistake.

Should we extradite him to face punishment? Yes, if we can find him. Will he get a fair trial? No, of course not. However, I am not sure what the outcome will be. I feel like he would either pay people off and get away with it (since that is basically what he has already tried to do) or maybe he will be put to death. I admit that if he got the death penalty, I wouldn’t be all that upset.

Everyone knows I like animals more than I like most people, so having someone I don’t know, and someone who I already don’t like, put to death for killing an animal is not upsetting to me at all.

I don’t get hunting for “sport”. It’s a sport to kill something that has no chance to fight back? Let the hunters hunt each other. At least there is some actual sport involved in that. Plus, there would be fewer people in the world, making me slightly happier. The only problem I have no is that his asshattery is now affecting his dental technicians. I hope they can find a new location of work soon, with out jackass.

2. The Science of Stupid – You should watch it. It has one of the hosts from Top Gear, Richard Hammond, going over Internet video disasters and explaining the science of how to get it right, and how it went so wrong. It’s worth it, and so far I have only watched one episode…

3. Welcome Back Boys – Speaking of Top Gear, the three hosts have agreed to host a Autoshow on Amazon. I have to admit I was surprised that Amazon won the contract deal. I really thought Netflix was going to win the deal.

I guess this means I will be getting Amazon Prime soon. Oh look! Free two day delivery.

Three Thing Friday

1. Being rushed – I am not a big fan of being rushed. But sometimes one just has to deal with it. I have plans that involve me leaving the house as soon as I get home from work. So, right now, in order to write my weekly three thing Friday posy, I am rushing through it before I go to work.

At least it game me an easy topic.

2. Damn Kids – I hear people complain that kids never get out of their houses. The kids are too busy playing indoor on their video games. I actually believe this is a bigger problem for my generation than for the children.

At least if the damn brats that have been outside my house the last few days. The weather was beautiful, when it wasn’t raining. Why can’t these children stay inside and play video games instead of being on their bikes, tossing a ball around, and doing other outdoorsy stuff. Stupid parents raising their children right.

3. Shocked – I am shocked. As I posted a few days ago, I was surprised when my father joined my mother and I to an Indian restaurant, and he enjoyed himself. Well, this week I got a call from my sister saying he would like to go back for father’s day. What the hell? He’s not supposed to enjoy Indian food.

So, apparently I am going back for father’s day. Not too bad.


I have finally realized why the post office is going bankrupt. First you have their odd campaign after the holidays that promoted the fact that they were there, you should use them to mail back your returns. Seriously? The reason that I should use your service is because you are there anyway? That was the best you could come up with? Who the hell did you hire for your marketing department? Anyway, moving on to reason number two.

On Friday I decided to mail a book to a friend. Wasn’t a big deal, just a small book. Because I know how to deal with USPS, and I know where the post office is, and because it is easy, I decided to go there. I bought something that the book would fit in, asked for a tracking number, and sent the book on it’s way. The package traveled approximately 741 miles but it only needed to be delivered 23 miles from my house. I could have, I should have, delivered it by hand. The book traveled from here in Aberdeen to Greensboro, North Carolina to Capitol Heights, Maryland and then went on to its destination.

I’m sorry, but a little better planning would have saved at least 600 miles. And yes, I know I only had one package, but I cannot believe that my package was the only one diverted in this odd manner. I mean, Baltimore has to be a major hub of packages…. My parcel could not have been the only one heading in that general direction.

And this is not the first time I had an issue like this. Thanks to UPS using USPS to deliver some of their packages, I had something I ordered go from Tennessee to Maryland to Georgia then back to Tennessee before finally making it to Maryland and my house. This package was at one point less than eleven miles from where it originally shipped.

This cannot be cost effective. I would say it is a true government organization, but technically speaking, it is independent with only government subsidies.

In short, the USPS is a mess and before we know it, FedEx and UPS will be delivering our mail.

“Easter” with the Family

This past Saturday I drove up to New Jersey to have “Easter” lunch/dinner with my family. Since I didn’t spend the night, this turned out to be about five hours on the road (round trip) to spend about three hours with them. I rarely get to see them, so I have no excuse to why I did not spend the night, but it was good to see them all again.

It turns out that my family is pretty morbid. During this get together, we had a very interesting and depressing conversation. The main topic seemed to be who in our family is getting cremated or buried, or who was cremated or buried in the past. Mind you, we eat in my Aunt’s house, next to a cupboard that currently has the urns of my Grandfather and Grandmother in it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that death was the main topic of the night.

Well, it turns out that I want to be cremated (if there is anything left to be cremated), just like my mom and my Aunt. My Uncle is going to be buried next to his deceased wife and her mother. My father is not going to be shipped back to Arizona, but I do not know what he wants, (apparently my mom has told him what he wants) and my sister hasn’t put any thought into it yet (what? Is she adopted?). It also turns out that a cousin of mine wanted to be cremated, but her daughter didn’t want that, so she had her buried. I have a hard time with this. If my mom wants to be cremated, I would not go against her wishes.

Of course, this wasn’t the only conversation during the meal. We also discussed the recent odd plane crashes, people who used to live in Seaside Park, if my aunt should buy half of the neighbor’s property when the neighbor kicks the bucket, and many other morbid topics.

Overall, it was a great time had with the family, and may be the last time I see them till after the summer season. I do not drive to Seaside Park during the summer. I will not drive through that traffic.

And I am very aware that Easter was Sunday, but it is my Family.

Three Thing Friday

1. Addiction – I admit it. I am addicted. I am addicted to completing collections. I can give two great examples of this.

First, I will start with Doctor Who. I have been watching this show since about 2008, when I saw my first full episode. Silence in the Library. Since then I have been buying books, collectibles (like a TARDIS cookie jar), and more importantly, DVDs. I have at least one episode from every doctor, going all the way back to the first doctor, William Hartnell. I have over 60 DVDs from the classic series, and everything from the new reboots. And the collection will keep growing; I feel the need to have these DVDs in my hands. The problem? Well, BBC decided to destroy a large chunk of their classic episodes. For example, the fourth episode ever has been lost for all time (as far as we know). Destroyed in a destruction run.

The second example is my warhammer collection of Tyranids. I have almost every unit available. Not all of them are useful in the game, but I have to have them. Some of them are hardly even played on the table, but I have them on display. It’s a shame, cause even I admit that my money could go to more useful things. Of course, it could go to much worse things as well.

2. Fast Seven – I just got back from seeing the latest Fast and the Furious movie, and I admit it, I spent part of it trying to figure out what scenes were filmed with Paul Walker, and what scenes were filmed using his brothers. I will admit, it was action filled, and I did enjoy the film. And while I thought there were moments when I could say it was Paul’s brother, I cannot say for sure (other than the last scenes when you can tell they rewrote the ending).

My friend, a big fan of the fast movies, said that this might have been one of the best movies. It was a sad movie, knowing that this was the last film with Paul. And yes, maybe it could have been a little better. But it had action. It had a lot of car racing. It was and enjoyable flick.

3. Short Week – I have no idea why, but it seems that my short weeks are always so long. This week for example, was a four-day week. But through out the week it seemed as if all hell was breaking loose. I cannot explain it, but it just dragged. People were ticking me off. Customers. Coworkers. It was just rough.

But it is here. The weekend has finally come. Tomorrow I have a long drive to visit the family. Tomorrow I will be on the road, meaning this will be an even shorter weekend.

Then it’s back to the grind. Damn.

Oh, and because I wrote this while watching Interstellar, I am adding the word gravity for no reason.

Three Thing Friday

1. Stubbornness – I have my own personal parking spot at work. Now, when I say that it is “my” spot, what I mean is that I am at work so early that I can basically pick what ever spot I want, and I always park in the same spot.

Well, last weekend we got hit we a pretty powerful snowstorm (cough cough), and the people plowing the base pushed the snow into my spot. It is still mostly clear, but there is a large pile of snow still there. And I will be damned if I will let some snow prevent me from parking in my spot. All week the MINI Cooper has still been in its place, even if it was on some odd angle. I don’t mean that I parked diagonally; I mean that some snow jacked up the back end of the MINI. Also, I have to really try to get into and out of that car.

Dang it, it is “my” spot!

2. Leonard Nimoy – Spock died today. I have a lot of fond memories of watching Star Trek with my family, mostly my father. While Spock was not my favorite character in the show, it was the show itself that was important to me. I remember watching him appear in Star Trek TNG, the original series, and all of those movies including the reboot.

This man was with Star Trek from the beginning in their pilot episode and has been in more movies than William Shatner (passing him by appearing in that brief moment in the most recent film).

The man will be missed more than the role.

Live long and prosper.

3. Iran – This week video and pictures were shown of the Iranian navy blowing up a wooden replica of an American Aircraft carrier. And it really did resemble one of our carriers, if the lighting was perfect and you squinted a little bit.

But it was impressive that they managed to blow up a wooden boat that wasn’t shooting back. That didn’t have it air cover. That didn’t have its escort ships with it. Still, it was a little impressed. Am I scared of the Iranian navy? Not really, and I am not insulted by what they did.

This was not a blow to our pride; this was a navy showing their people that their navy is not entirely inept. This was a country posturing during some negotiations. This is a plot for a bad comedy movie.

So, lets sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch a bad replica of a carrier being blown up by and poor navy. It is still better than the movie Battleship.

Three Thing Friday

1. 5 Reasons – Apparently, there are five reasons that I would willingly put on a suit, and most of the time, it’s not even willingly. These reasons are for a wedding, for a funeral, for an interview for a new job, for a meeting with the contractors, and finally for a dive with sharks.


Those are the only reasons I believe that would get me in a suit. And yes, this week I had to suit up, and I was not all that happy about it. But sometimes, you just have to what you do not want to do.

2. Timing – Sometimes, the timing of certain news articles just has to make you laugh. Yesterday, for example, we were in a meeting where we were told about what the commander of CECOM and the commander of AMC (the higher command) said about furloughs, layoffs, current employments levels, and a few other things. Nothing new was covered, but still, it was probably a good thing that this information was covered.

Then, when I got back to my desk, a co-worker pointed out an article on CNN that stated “U.S. Army Officers Lie Routinely.” Wow. That was perfect.

Now, I am not saying that the leaders of CECOM and AMC were lying, but I am saying that seeing that article right after the meeting… made me laugh, and wonder. Maybe I should be a little more concerned.

3. Bloody Cold – Ok, I admit it, it is damn cold here. Not as cold as it could be, but it is damn cold. And while I love the cold, I like to be prepared for it. This week, sadly, I wasn’t. I forgot to dress in layers. I only wore my one coat, and it wasn’t even my good winter coat. I was just not prepared.

Now, while a co-worker of mine changed his mind about moving to Alaska, where his neighbors would be a good distance away, this cold snap actually made me want to move to Alaska even more. Sure, I would prefer my own little island, but I believe Alaska would be a little more affordable.

So yes, I still love the cold.

Jurassic World Predictions

So, now that I have seen the trailer that premiered during the Super Bowl, which I still say was the funniest commercial of the night, I decided to make some predictions about the movie. And while I think the movie will be bad, I admit that I will still go and see it.

And on to my predictions…

  1. There will be a raptor named Fido, since the raptors seem to be house trained in this film, Fido seems as good of a name as any.
  2. The two child characters will be put in peril after peril after peril (which I admit you can see in the trailer) but both will survive the entire move.
  3. The lead female scientist, the one who genetically engineered the new and improved dinosaur, will be killed. She will realize that she was wrong, and she will die. Possibly saving the kids.
  4. B.D. Wong, who returns in this film, will die. And he will probably die early on in the film.
  5. Since this is a Legendary film… Godzilla or something from Pacific Rim will save the day. (I don’t actually believe this one).
  6. At some point in the film, the raptors, which will fight the new dinosaur, will lose one to the fight. There will be a moment where they mourn the dead raptor, making them seem more human.
  7. There will be gaping plot holes, and there will be an opening for a sequel. This is obvious.
  8. This movie will make a profit, but its ratings will only be average. It will have awesome special effects, not much of a plot. Like most of the Jurassic Park films.
  9. Star-Lord will survive the film.
  10. There will be some lame references to the prior movies. Something like “You asked if you could, but you never stopped to think if you should” or something to that effect.

That’s it. Those are my 10 predictions for the movie. I hope I am wrong, I hope there are some surprises. Who knows, maybe Godzilla will show up.

Three Thing Friday

Three Thing Friday

1. Do Not Call – I am not a big fan of talking on the phone. Actually, unless I have to, I prefer to not even answer the phone. If someone needs to get in touch with me, they can email me, Facebook me, or text me. Even at work I try to avoid answering the phone, that’s what emails are for. There is only one person I talk to frequently on the phone, and I don’t plan on increasing that list any time soon.

What does this all mean? I have no idea. Maybe I am becoming more and more anti-social. Maybe I don’t want to deal with people.

Maybe people just annoy me.

2. More Muslimphobia – So, there is a Texas politician who decided that any Muslim who enters her office has to recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” and renounce Islamic Terrorism. And this is just stupid. Not because she is requiring people to recite the pledge, but because she decided to target on specific category of people. I think she should make all white people renounce the KKK up entering. Make everyone who enters the office recite the pledge.

No, this woman is just crazy. She doesn’t care about the illegality of this. I would like to believe when politicians this wacked out come up for reelection, they would lose, but history shows that the crazies are the one’s who are running this sinking ship.

3. Super Bowl Weekend – Well, it is that time of year again. It is time for the Super Bowl. It is time for the funniest commercials. It is time for a terrible half time show that makes more news that the game (ok, that hasn’t happened in a while). It is time for two teams that I don’t care about to play a game that will be talked about for a couple of months, and then forgotten.

I may watch the game. I may turn it on. Odds are I will not. Odds are I will watch some Top Gear and work on some of my hobbies.

I’ll probably be better entertained than those who actually watch the game.

A Little Infatuated

A while ago, I don’t even remember how long ago it was, a friend made a comment that I am obsessed with sharks. And, proudly, I admit that I am. I have gone diving with these beautiful animals. I have seen them in Aquariums. I have pictures of them all over my house and my computer.

Dotty Surface 2

Hell, I even dream about sharks. I had a dream last night about diving with some sharks,and in it were some of the people I have gone diving with. The boat was unrecognizable, as was the area we were diving in, but I knew the people. And the best part of this dream was that I was not diving in a cage! And at least one of the people in my dream (looking at you Heather Nardini) was willing to go in the water without a cage as well.

You walk around my house and all you see are pictures of sharks. I don’t have any pictures of people. While I do have some pictures of cities I have been in, sharks do take up the majority of my wall space. Even one of the best Christmas gifts I got this year was a calendar with shark pictures.

Dotty 2

In my cube in the office, I have more pictures of sharks than most people have pictures of their family. I have three pictures that I took, a “Shark Crossing” sign, a shark picture frame (ironically with no picture), and a few other shark items.

Shark 25

Yes, I am a little infatuated. But who cares? These are amazing and beautiful creatures….

And I am looking into diving with Tiger Sharks right now… hence the shark-based post.