A Not So Final Farewell

Tomorrow, one of my good friends is moving away to pursue his dream job. While I am not happy that his dream takes him 800 miles away, I cannot blame him for following his dream. I wish I could, but I still do not know what my dream job would be. Probably diving with sharks, if I didn’t always get seasick on the way to Guadeloupe.

It’s in human nature to dislike change. Well, at least it’s my nature. I have a hard enough time making friends as it is, and one of the few I have down here, is not going to be down here much longer. A massive change like this sucks.

And while I have a hard time making friends, the one’s I have made here in Maryland I do consider good friends, great friends. Friends that I would not want to lose touch with. So, while he will be 800 miles away, with today’s technology, I am sure that we will keep communication lines open.

800 miles means a lot less today than it did 100 years ago. Not only does everyone have cell phones now, we have access to video chat, Facebook, Skype, online gaming (yea, I still don’t do that).

Sorry Seth, moving to Maryland won’t get rid of me that easy.

Three Thing Friday

1. It’s just a game – All hell recently broke lose in a game I play. People were offended. People stopped playing. Insults were thrown. It was not pretty, and all of this over a game.

The biggest problem I had was the threats that were made for not taking the game seriously enough. It was like we were going to actual war, not a fictional war that is supposed to be fun.

Having had enough, I left. The game was no longer fun; it was being taken too seriously. I have enough stress in my life, a mortgage, work, and an aging car. I do not need fictional stress.

2. 40-Years Ago – Back in 1975, one film proceeded to scare people out of the water for an entire summer. It also caused a backlash that no one predicted. Jaws premiered 40 years ago and changed the face of the film industry, the shore industry, and the lives of billions of sharks.

The FICTIONAL film was treated as fact and demonized the shark. Even Peter Benchley stated that if he knew what would happen to the sharks, he would never have written the book. That is not to say that only bad things happened because of this film, people got interested in sharks. Plenty of shark biologists credit Jaws with getting them into their chosen field.

It also gave us the summer blockbuster… which may not be a good thing. This was the first true summer blockbuster, and now we have a film industry who will dump millions into a film hoping to be the next big thing.

On June 21st the film will be in select theaters. Will I see it? Probably.

3. Put to work – From Monday the 18th to Monday the 25th my friends put me to work. First, I had to help unload a moving van full of crap into a friend’s house on the first hot day of the year. This wouldn’t be so bad, except I know that in a few weeks they will be moving back out. This is just a temporary storage place. Can someone say POD?

After that I went up to New Jersey to help two more friends with moving. They just got a house (congratulations guys) and needed to pack up, move out, and toss crap into the garbage. I helped with their desk, couch, animals, and just general packing.

The final task I have was to water another friend’s yard. He just had sod installed and it needed daily watering. With it being a holiday weekend, he went up to see his parents. So, I found myself watering his lawn on Sunday and Monday.

And that was my week…

Three Thing Friday

1. Addiction – I admit it. I am addicted. I am addicted to completing collections. I can give two great examples of this.

First, I will start with Doctor Who. I have been watching this show since about 2008, when I saw my first full episode. Silence in the Library. Since then I have been buying books, collectibles (like a TARDIS cookie jar), and more importantly, DVDs. I have at least one episode from every doctor, going all the way back to the first doctor, William Hartnell. I have over 60 DVDs from the classic series, and everything from the new reboots. And the collection will keep growing; I feel the need to have these DVDs in my hands. The problem? Well, BBC decided to destroy a large chunk of their classic episodes. For example, the fourth episode ever has been lost for all time (as far as we know). Destroyed in a destruction run.

The second example is my warhammer collection of Tyranids. I have almost every unit available. Not all of them are useful in the game, but I have to have them. Some of them are hardly even played on the table, but I have them on display. It’s a shame, cause even I admit that my money could go to more useful things. Of course, it could go to much worse things as well.

2. Fast Seven – I just got back from seeing the latest Fast and the Furious movie, and I admit it, I spent part of it trying to figure out what scenes were filmed with Paul Walker, and what scenes were filmed using his brothers. I will admit, it was action filled, and I did enjoy the film. And while I thought there were moments when I could say it was Paul’s brother, I cannot say for sure (other than the last scenes when you can tell they rewrote the ending).

My friend, a big fan of the fast movies, said that this might have been one of the best movies. It was a sad movie, knowing that this was the last film with Paul. And yes, maybe it could have been a little better. But it had action. It had a lot of car racing. It was and enjoyable flick.

3. Short Week – I have no idea why, but it seems that my short weeks are always so long. This week for example, was a four-day week. But through out the week it seemed as if all hell was breaking loose. I cannot explain it, but it just dragged. People were ticking me off. Customers. Coworkers. It was just rough.

But it is here. The weekend has finally come. Tomorrow I have a long drive to visit the family. Tomorrow I will be on the road, meaning this will be an even shorter weekend.

Then it’s back to the grind. Damn.

Oh, and because I wrote this while watching Interstellar, I am adding the word gravity for no reason.

Three Thing Friday

Three Thing Friday

1. Do Not Call – I am not a big fan of talking on the phone. Actually, unless I have to, I prefer to not even answer the phone. If someone needs to get in touch with me, they can email me, Facebook me, or text me. Even at work I try to avoid answering the phone, that’s what emails are for. There is only one person I talk to frequently on the phone, and I don’t plan on increasing that list any time soon.

What does this all mean? I have no idea. Maybe I am becoming more and more anti-social. Maybe I don’t want to deal with people.

Maybe people just annoy me.

2. More Muslimphobia – So, there is a Texas politician who decided that any Muslim who enters her office has to recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” and renounce Islamic Terrorism. And this is just stupid. Not because she is requiring people to recite the pledge, but because she decided to target on specific category of people. I think she should make all white people renounce the KKK up entering. Make everyone who enters the office recite the pledge.

No, this woman is just crazy. She doesn’t care about the illegality of this. I would like to believe when politicians this wacked out come up for reelection, they would lose, but history shows that the crazies are the one’s who are running this sinking ship.

3. Super Bowl Weekend – Well, it is that time of year again. It is time for the Super Bowl. It is time for the funniest commercials. It is time for a terrible half time show that makes more news that the game (ok, that hasn’t happened in a while). It is time for two teams that I don’t care about to play a game that will be talked about for a couple of months, and then forgotten.

I may watch the game. I may turn it on. Odds are I will not. Odds are I will watch some Top Gear and work on some of my hobbies.

I’ll probably be better entertained than those who actually watch the game.

Three Thing Friday

1. Halloween – It’s that time of year again. It is time for little kids to learn that you can dress up once a year and be rewarded, regardless of behavior. At least around Christmas the children have to “behave”. I am pretty sure I never did and I still got gifts, but at least there was the threat of punishment.

No, Halloween is the time of year when we teach our children how to beg. Maybe this is a good thing since a percentage of these little annoying punks will probably end up on the street.

Having complained about all of that, it’s not even my biggest complaint. You would think that after a few years of me doing this, feeding these brats candy and sugar (at least I don’t have to deal with the kids after their sugar intake), that I would learn to buy candy I hate. No, I go out and purchase candy I like, even when it makes me sick. So sadly, the first round of candy was consumed in this house, not buy the children it was intended for. The second round is being reserved for the doorbell ringers. If it even lasts that long.

2. Dressing Rooms – I remember as a kid, when my mother would drag me out to go clothes shopping, I would hate to try clothes on. I absolutely hated it. Granted, as I got older I understood why I had to try on clothes. Who would want to return to the store the next day just to return things you recently bought? I don’t even like going to the store at all, why would I want to return the next day? So, yesterday I ran out to get a new pair of jeans, grabbed the size I thought would fit, and ran home. That’s right, again I didn’t try them on. I still hate dressing rooms. But at least now I am not growing any more. I am pretty sure that I peaked at the height of 5 foot nothing, and if anything I will start to shrink in the next few years. And guess what, they fit fine.

Yes, I realize that I should be concerned about my waist size. I realize that the new clothes may not fit exactly. But hey, I haven’t gained much weight in the last few years, so I am probably able to buy clothes that it pretty close to fitting perfectly.

Now, I just need to keep in the slightly overweight shape that I am in. And because I am a cheap bastard, I hope I don’t lose to0 much weight where I have to buy a new wardrobe. And the same goes for gaining weight.

3. Taking a break – You may have noticed that I have really cut back on my blogging. While I will probably at least continue to blog my “Three Thing Friday” blogs, I will probably be cutting back even more on how often I post. And this may continue for the next few weeks. I need to work on some things in my personal life, and I just feel like blogging isn’t helping at all. Sure, I can continue to cover the weird ass dreams I am still having. I can continue to complain about CECOM, the Pyrite Standard. I can continue to talk about nothing, which I am really good at. But I feel that a break is needed.

I know fellow bloggers who have been doing this for years, and can still make a new post nearly every day. I just don’t have the enthusiasm that I used to. And that missing enthusiasm isn’t just missing in this part of my life. My gaming, my working out (which I haven’t done all year), my reading, and even my diving… I just don’t have the drive I used to.

Two Late Nights

Wow, I haven’t posted in two days. That surprised even me. However, I have a really good excuse, I am damn tired. I had two late nights thanks to some friends. Well, relatively late nights, late nights for me. And on a school night too!

First, I was out gaming on Tuesday night when a friend messaged me that she was bored. She was in MD due to some training and wanted to hang out. So, after my game, I drove 45 minutes south and joined her for dinner and some beers. It was a good time, it’s been a long time since we hung out and chatted. The problem is that I had work on Wednesday. So, very late, I drove home and went to bed. I slept for slightly less than five hours, and rushed off to work.

Work sucked as usual. Moving on.

After work, I had another game to play, and this one was one of the top two players I know. He may even be the best player I know. I had very low expectations; I just wanted a fun game where I would hopefully learn something. He didn’t bring his best list, and I didn’t bring mine, although I will admit my list was probably still good. After a really fun game, and a shocking win, we went out to dinner. So it was another late night, with another beer. It was another good night.

But I am nowhere near as young as I used to be, and thanks to three cats, I was up early again.

So, before I go out and pick up a friend from the airport, I think I may have to go take a nap. Because I’m Brian, and I’m tired.

My mom should appreciate that last statement.

Edit: That win may not have been a win but a tie.

Three Thing Friday

1. Sharknado 2 – I stayed up on Wednesday to watch the incredible movie on the SyFy channel. Of course I did. This is just one of many bad B movies that should never have been made but that I thoroughly enjoy. It was corny, lame, had bad acting, and was just a fun movie. It set the record for most viewers for any SyFy programming. It was, for a brief moment in time, the holder of all the top ten in tweets (not from me, I don’t tweet).

I would recommend this movie to everyone. As long as you go in thinking this will be the worst movie you ever sat down and watched, you will not be disappointed.

2. Ebola – I cannot believe that in this day of modern medicine that we have to deal with an Ebola outbreak. I cannot believe how little news this is actually getting. I cannot believe that we are flying two infected people into the United States for treatment. I know, they are U.S. citizens, and I do believe that they need and deserve treatment, but lets fly a few qualified doctors, and the proper medical supplies, and treat them over in Africa.

I am sure that the proper steps are being taken to prevent these two unfortunate people from becoming the latest Typhoid Mary, but mistakes happen. And one small slip up, and we will have a massive outbreak in this country. And I am not sure that this country could handle an outbreak. By the time CNN and Fox stopped pointing fingers, and by the time congress realized that there actually was a problem, most of this country would probably be infected.

3. Man Cave – My house, a three-story townhouse, is a total man cave, possibly even a geek cave. My three shedding roommates and I did all of the decorating. I have a room that is completely turned over to books, Godzilla and Doctor Who. Another room has a signed movie poster and my DVD collections. Even the bedroom has a sword collection hanging on the wall… for self-defense purposes only.

But the craziest thing about this man cave is the tons of plastic Warhammer models. They are in every single room of this house, possibly even the bathrooms (I cannot confirm this). Heck, even my living room has my hobby table. And right now it is covered in small projects I am working on.

This is why I cannot have people over… they may see the real me. That… and the cat hair.

Three Thing Friday

1. Scented Cat Litter – A week ago I accidentally bought the wrong cat litter. I usually buy unscented from a brand that I know, but for some reason I thought I would try something knew. I thought I grabbed unscented, but apparently I can’t read. The new litter looks like gravel and smells terrible. In fact, I think it smells worse than what it is supposed to be covering up.

And I am not going to get into how its scented litter is actually unhealthy for the cats. Oops, I guess I just did. I’m not blaming the company, someone must want this type of litter or they wouldn’t supply it (Hey, I used my economics degree!). I blame myself. Next time, I am going back to what I normally buy. Always go with what is known, with what is safe.

2. Blogging – I will never say that I thought blogging was easy, but I never thought it was this hard. Coming up with a topic every day, writing about it, trying to write it in a correct and coherent way, it all takes much more thought and energy than I thought. And there was a time when I was running two blogs at the same time. Being responsible for this blog, as well as a gaming blog burnt me out pretty quickly. Since then, another blog that I am a writer for started. Because of that, the first gaming blog fell to the side; in fact, I cannot even tell you when I last posted to that blog.

With the new gaming blog, I am not the lead blogger, and that took a lot of pressure off of me. Sadly, it seems that only one person was still doing most of the posting to that site. I think I just needed a break, and I don’t want him to get burnt out like I was. I have finally found my focus and have been writing much better blogs for that site to give him a break every now and then.

So my personal blog is now the only one I am solely responsible for. That makes blogging a little easier, but topics are still hard to come by at times. So, to my fellow bloggers, I appreciate what you do now more than ever before.

3. Air Disasters – The last week has been pretty rough for flyers and airlines. There have been three major crashes in the last seven days. Of course we have the one that was shot down in the Ukraine. I honestly do not believe that the Soviets had anything to do with it directly, but I do believe that they supplied the weapons to those who were directly involved. I also do not know if the “rebels” knew what they were shooting at. It may have been a mistake. And one has to ask, what was a civilian aircraft doing over a war zone?

The second crash took place in Taiwan. This one only took 48 lives, and it is really sad that I can say “only” 48 lives. There were ten survivors, but when hundreds died on other recent plane crashes, 48 isn’t that bad.

The most recent crash took place in Mali. This one sadly had no survivors. I still believe that flying is the safest means of travel, but all of these crashes are making me a little nervous about my flight to San Diego in October. Maybe I’ll just watch some TV to get my mind off of it. Oh look! Air Disasters is on the Smithsonian Channel.

Something’s Wrong

Something is very wrong, and I cannot put my finger on exactly what it is. Yes, morale in the office, including my own, no longer exists. I am not happy, so much so that I am looking for new jobs, both in and out of the government, though I would actually prefer to remain within the government. But right now I would take almost anything, as long as I could continue to pay my mortgage. I have even thought of cutting back on my wine and my warhammer models.

I often think about the fact that I used to love my job, well, at least like my job. I never wanted to go into work, but I never actively thought about calling out sick for the mental health day. Even other people have noticed that something is wrong. All you would have to look at is some of the things that have been said to me recently.

“I hope you are OK” – Mom

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” – Bill

“Are you alright?” – countless other people

“You look very tired” – co-worker

I just feel beat up. I am in one hell of a funk, and I have no idea how to get out of it. I haven’t been kayaking or diving at all this year. And I had to drag myself to the winery last week (WTF is that all about?). Actually, there are a few things I look forward too. I look forward to gaming with my friends, because win or lose (usually lose) I have a blast and it really brings my up from my workweek. I also look forward to the long walk back to the car. Not because it’s the end of the day, well not only because it’s the end of the day, but also because it’s a chance to talk to one of my fellow coworkers. He has a similar personality, and I use that time to bring myself down from the stress of the day.

So, yes everyone, I am run down. Yes I am freaking exhausted. But I am alive, and all of this shall pass.

Besides, I just have to make it to October, when I get to swim with some friendly sharks.

Three Thing Friday

1. 4th of July – It is nice to have today off, and today’s plans are just to game with some friends, eat some food, and laugh at the cats as they hide from the loud bangs of the fireworks that my neighbors set off.

I remember when I was younger; I would be able to watch the Seaside Heights fireworks from my bedroom window. Each and every year, every Wednesday night I believe, I would be able to watch fireworks. Maybe that is why fireworks don’t excite me anymore; to me they are no big deal.  A few oohs and aahs and then it is time to move on.

I also never really got into the whole BBQ scene. I really do enjoy hanging out with my friends and eating good food, but it wasn’t something I would host. Let someone else do the cooking and cleaning, I am going to enjoy my 4th. Plus, being a vegetarian, I don’t really get to enjoy burgers and hotdogs, and I know, that’s my choice.

2. Infested – This past week, every morning when I walked into work, I have to avoid a ton of insects. I have no idea where they are coming from, but the Army’s plan is to put sticky bug-trap boxes and hope for the best. It’s actually pretty disgusting to see these sticky trap full of bug bodies, and still see bugs crawling all over the place.

I would be all for hiring a squad of bearded dragons to take care of these bugs. Bearded dragons, snakes, and even a co-workers turtle would be sufficient. Too bad iguanas are vegetarians, or I would get myself another one of those.

I have a mild case of Entomophobia, or as I prefer to call if, insectophobia. In fact, anything with more then 4 legs (excluding Octopi, Squid, and most other sea creatures) weirds me out. Because of this, I almost had a panic attack at work because of these bugs. And while I may be exaggerating a little bit, they were freaking everywhere! I would even be all for burning the place down, at least that would solve my problem.

3.  Arthur – Apparently a lot of people are amazed that a hurricane formed in the Atlantic during hurricane season. I admit, I was surprised at where it formed (off he coast of Florida), but not that one formed. I mean, it is in the name, Hurricane Season. It is almost as bad as people who live in “Tornado Alley” being surprised when a tornado strikes their area. Or people who live in the Bible belt, which happens to coincide with the exact location of tornado alley.

So, hurricane Arthur is slowly moving up the east coast, bringing rain, wind, and some wicked currents. And the next hurricane will be named Bertha.

You know that’s going to be a big hurricane.

So to everyone, enjoy your 4th.