Three Thing Friday

1. Sitting Idle – I hate sitting idle on my day off. I have to run out and get some shopping done. I could be cleaning… just not in the mood to start yet. Why am I not out getting stuff done?

Well, I ordered a gift for some friends, but I have to be home to sign for it. I actually tried to get out of the house to get some cat food, but as soon as I left my community, I saw a FedEx truck on the road. Odds were that it wasn’t carrying my package, but I just cannot take the risk. I need this stuff before tomorrow.

Damn I hate waiting…

2. Little Terror – The new kitten is driving me crazy. And I am sure that Loki has considered killing him. He loves to play, like all kittens. And he loves getting into things. Not a day goes by where I don’t pick him up off the counter or kitchen table. Loki hisses and growls at him a couple of times a day.

Rama, the kitten, wants to play. He has attacked Loki repeatedly. Loki slaps him around and walks off. I have to give Loki credit; he doesn’t want to fight Rama. He doesn’t want to play, but he doesn’t want to fight.

I hope one day that Rama will calm down. Loki… he has never been like Rama. However, I have only known him after he was past the kitten stage. Maybe he used to be like this too.

3. Chaos when there should be Order – As I wait here for the package, I have BBC America on which is currently airing Doctor Who. And frankly it is driving me nuts. They are not airing the episodes in any order. The first one I caught was one of David Tennant’s last episodes. The following episode was his first episode.

I want an order that makes sense. I want them to run in order.

Of course… I could just put on some DVDs and stop complaining…


A couple of months ago I decided to foster two kittens. I knew it was going to be interesting with Loki already having the run of the house. But I figured that he could last a few weeks with two kittens. Sure, there was some hissing and some growling, but there was not a lot of fighting.

Well… I failed. I grew attached to the little pains. I am not keeping both of them. A friend will hopefully be adopting the more energetic of the two. I am going to keep the more relaxed kitten. Loki is still having issues, but the growling and hissing does seem to be decreasing with time.

So, it with bot a sad and happy heart that I welcome Rama to the Loki household. Since we all know this is no longer my place. Too bad Loki didn’t have a choice in the matter.


Three Thing Friday

1. Just do your job – I am not surprised by any of this, I feel like I should be, but I am not. A coworker had one of the most unproductive days in a long time, and it was through no fault… well, a little fault, of her own. She accidently locked her computer access card, preventing her from being able to get into her own computer. Now, she did this on Thursday, got a new card, but had to get the permissions on her computer reset.

And here is where we have the beginnings of many problems. Well, my co-worker called in, told the “help desk” that she couldn’t access her computer because she needed her permissions reset. The person on the line told her to log into her computer…. What? After some conversations back and forth, trying to get the helpers to understand the problem (which is not an uncommon problem), they help desk agreed that there is a problem.

When my co-worker finally got the help desk to fill out the help ticket to get everything fixed, they forgot to actually submit it. 12 hours later and a couple of phone calls later, that problem was found, and finally the ticket was submitted.

What is wrong with these people?

2. Random Thought – I had a random thought sitting here watching TV. A commercial for a flea and tick treatment for dogs came up. It got me thinking about all of the dog commercials (flea collars, pet food, etc) that come up. I remember hearing that there are more pet cats in the world than there are pet dogs, and I wondered why there aren’t more cat commercials than dog commercials…

Then I realized what it was. There are more cats, but more dog owners. Crazy cat owners tend to have more than one…

We will not talk about this any more.

3. Another Cull – Well, it looks like Australia will be heading towards another shark cull. Add that to the bear who attacked a hiker being put down, and I begin to ask, why did we even bother getting upset with one lion named Cecil.

Everyone was up in arms over one lion (including me), but no one bats an eye at the bear or the thousands of sharks that are killed. The sea is the shark’s home. Sharks don’t infest the sea… humans do. The forest is the bear’s home, he doesn’t infest it, we do.

I like animals…. I really do hate mankind. Maybe global warming is a good thing. The Earth will survive, we will not. And that may be for the best.

Fat Furball Update

So, Loki has been home since Friday. The kittens have been locked up in the guest room for most of the day, everyday, since then as well.

What do we know? Nothing. All tests have been coming back negative. The spleen and bladder looked a little enlarged, but that’s about it. We do know that he wasn’t eating. It’s unlikely that the kittens were the cause, but there is a possibility that they were the straw (straw’s?) that broke the camel’s back.

He is back to eating. And pilling him has not been as bad as I feared. Yes, it is a struggle at times, but he is usually pretty good at taking the pills. There are still issues, but he has been eating and drinking, and I will take that.

So, I am hopeful that whatever it was wrong with him has passed. I just don’t know though. Loki does look a little pathetic with a shaved arm and belly, but I’ll accept that if he gets better.

And I am pretty sure that I saw Tony Hawk in a MINI commercial that actually had a warning of “Professional Skateboarder”… really?

Three Thing Friday

1. Loki is home – So, he only spent one night in the vet. He seems less stressed now than I did last night. He does look pretty sad with a hairless belly and one of his paws being shaved too.

We still don’t know what was wrong, but he seems happier. Of course, that could be because the kittens are locked away in the guest bedroom. I feel guilty, but I need my Loki back. I miss the old Loki.

Plus, now I have to give him pills. This will end in blood. Mine. All over the house.

2. Who is next? – So, the race for the race to be president is on. The republic party will probably clear 20 runners shortly, while the democrats have… well, other than Hillary, I have no idea who is running. I don’t know if that is good or bad.

But for the republicans we have Bush, Trump, Christie, and a few (MANY) others that I don’t remember. I am already sick of this race and it hasn’t even started yet.

At least the next few months should be good for laughs. With Trump and Christie, I should be laughing so hard I cry.

3. Actually Excited – I have no idea why, but I am actually excited about some movies that are coming out.

James Bond – I will see this in the theater. I see every Bond film in the theater.

Bat v Sup – Yes, I am finally excited about this movie. Will it be great? Maybe. Will Affleck kill the Batman? Probably. Will it disappoint? Most likely. But for some reason, I am excited to see it.

Suicide Squad – I am almost more excited to see this movie than I am to see the next Godzilla movie, Japanese or American. I mean… Harley Quinn? I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I may hate it later like most DC movies, but it has fucking Harley Quinn!

Oh yea… Godzilla, the Japanese Movie – SUPER EXCITED

American Godzilla – Just as SUPER EXCITED

And of course, the movie I will probably see multiple times, Star Wars. This I have to see. I expect so much, yet fear that my high expectations will only end up with me being let down.

Taking it Hard

For the past few days, Loki has not been himself. He has been hiding underneath my bed. He hasn’t had much of an appetite. His meow has been week. And today, he growled and hissed at me. This is not like him. So, this means a trip to the vet.

Loki does not vet well. And he sure doesn’t ride well. And even this ride was one of the more quite rides I have had. So far he has been weighed, had his temp taken, had blood work, and finally had some x-rays. So far, all we know is that he is not eating; he lost almost 2.5 pounds since his last weigh in, and that is about all.

So, now Loki will be spending the night at the vet, and honestly, it’s a little lonely at the house right now. I got used to Loki always being here. Even with the two foster kittens (anyone want one?) it is just not the same.

I did get to see Loki before I left him for the night. Turns out that he is not being very cooperative. There was a warning on his cage to “Be Careful”. Apparently he did not want the catheter inserted, and he fought back. So now they are going to sedate him to give him this catheter. Tomorrow is an ultrasound. I need to know what is wrong.

I cannot handle this stress. I m not handling it well at all.

Crazy Kitties

Today, I could have posted a blog about the crazy emails and coworkers, and their crazy antics, I decided not to. I could have blogged about the seven shark attacks that have occurred in North Carolina, and I may even do so… later.

Today, I wanted to tell two stories about the two crazy kittens I am fostering. But I have to start with saying Loki is not a happy homeowner. First, I will tell a tale of the stupid one. He’s not really stupid, but he is a very energetic kitten who does not make the best decisions. The other morning, let us say Monday, Loki was lying out in the kitchen, warming in the sun. Well, he was flicking the tail, which drew the attention of the playful one. He’s snuck up behind Loki and pounced! Loki jumped up, hissed and growled (at the same time which was odd) and gave the kitten a quick swat. After which, he walked off.

That’s not the funny part. The funny part is that the next night, the same thing happened. Loki does not like his tail being touched. Having it attacked by a kitten, that kitten is lucky that Loki is somewhat patient, even if unhappy. He easily could kill the little punk.

Now, the second kitten is a little shy. In fact, I didn’t really see him till the third or fourth day that he was here. In fact, I think Loki liked that about him. Well, the other day, after I fed Loki some fresh food, the little grey cat walked right up to him, and just started eating out of Loki’s dish. Loki growled, then gave me a “WTF?” look. It was entertaining. And I have to give the kitten credit. He is about a 10th of the size of Loki, if not smaller. To go up and take some of the 17 pound Loki’s food, that takes courage.

And no, I haven’t named these little guys. I don’t want to for fear of wanting to keep them. While the one is ok, the second is an energetic pain in the ass.

Three Thing Friday

1. Mary Lee – Off the coasts of Virginia, Maryland, and currently New Jersey is a fairly large female great white shark. How do I know this? Well a good portion of my friends decided to send me all of the articles about her and how Ocearch has tagged her. Well, I actually already knew that she was nearby, but I do appreciate that my friends decided to point it out to me.

My issue is that I am torn with the Ocearch tracking. I love the fact that I can track Great White Sharks. The fact that Ocearch has tagged sharks in the Atlantic and the Pacific, and you can follow what they do almost daily is amazing. However, I hate their tagging practices. They say that their methods are safe, but I cannot believe that taking a shark out of the water to tag it, when you can accomplish the same thing leaving them in the water (where they live), is necessary.

Honestly, I think the guy is doing it for the publicity. So I am torn, I want to follow these sharks, but I do not want to support Ocearch.

Either way, a tagged female is hanging off the coast; I should try and find her.

2. A.C. is on – I can already feel my electric bill climbing. Less than a month ago I had the heat on and I already have the AC on. I hate heat, and with the temps already in the 80’s, I decided to crank on the A.C. This house gets hot during the day, and with a very hairy cat, I want to keep it manageable.

I know I am in the minority, but I already miss winter. Yes, I like my summer sports like kayaking and SCUBA diving, but I prefer the cold to the heat. So I now say, it is open season. I didn’t complain about the cold, prepare to hear me bitch about how hot it is.

3. Alarm Cat – Loki has been acting weird lately, but last night (early this morning) takes the cake. At 3:30 am he decided that I needed to be awake. He has never done this before. He was pushing on me. Bumping me. Doing everything he could to wake me up. Which is why I know it was 3:30, I looked.

I rolled over, look at him, and stated (calmly, of course), “I have over an hour left to sleep you bastard.” And with that, Loki curled up next to me and fell asleep.

Of course, I spent the next hour pondering, “What the hell is wrong with my cat?”

Three Thing Friday

1. Held Up – I had to make a trip to deposit some money into the back today. I wasn’t the first in line even though I was there pretty early. I was about fourth in line, and yet, I managed to get out before the first people in line. Mind you, there were only two tellers behind the counter. So, what was their hold up? Apparently the woman, knowing she was using her ATM card, knowing she was trying to deposit money into her joint account with her husband (who was standing right there), kept trying to use his PIN number. Yes, she admitted that she knew it was her ATM card and tried to use his PIN number, and was somehow confused.

If I ever get to that point… I will never get that point. It’s a good thing the bank had two tellers or I may still be there. And please don’t ask why I had to go into the bank, that is a different story.

And if technology ever confuses me, I will hire some 5 year old to explain it to me, or just handle the transaction for me.

2. Spring Cleaning – It’s that time of year again. This is the time of year where I have to vacuum nearly every other day (not saying that I do, just that I have to). Why? Well, I have a cat that can shed on his command. I just vacuumed and cleaned the house because I have guests coming this weekend. There was cat everywhere, including on the bathroom sink. And once I was finished, Loki decided to shed everywhere already. If I want this place to look clean I may have to vacuum after my guests arrive.

On the plus side, having a guest bathroom that is almost never used means that it very was easy to clean.

3. Junk Food – One would think that a vegetarian eats pretty healthy. Well, I am proof that this is not always true. However, I am proof that this is not always the case. The food I eat cannot always be called healthy. On top of that, junk food is actually usually vegetarian.

However, I usually do not stock my shelves with junk food. That is, until I have expected guests. Then anything goes. Right now I have some serious junk food in the house… and I want to snack on it now! Hopefully it lasts till my guests show…

Three Thing Friday

1. Pain in the Back – I’m getting old. I realize that. The massive pain in my back that I have been complaining about for the last week is proof. And I know that my friends and coworkers are tired of hearing “Damn my back hurts.”

Well, today I finally went to the chiropractor, and even she said that it was the worst she had ever seen my back. Even the alignment, which is usually easy, was a lot of work this time. I actually felt the lower back being forced back into place.

And I have no idea what I did. That’s the worst part. I have been working out a lot more lately, but I am pretty sure that wasn’t what did me in. However, since I do not know what it was, it could have even been the rough ride in the MINI Easter weekend. I felt the pain all the way down to my knees. Hopefully, thanks to the adjustment, I will be back to normal tomorrow.

2. Pain in the Neck – I have no idea what Loki’s issue is lately, but he has been a giant pain in the neck the last few days. Demanding attention. He would grab his string, walk around the house dragging it behind him, “meowing” to get my attention. Now, I say meowing, but I guess it is hard to meow when you are carrying a string in your mouth. I have no idea how to describe how annoying it is when you are trying to go to sleep, and this cat is demanding attention at that time.

Damn he is a pain in the neck.

3. Pain in the Wallet – Last few weeks have been really hard on my wallet. I don’t know what my problem is, but I have been spending a lot of money. Yes, it is all going to my hobbies, but I really need to cut back. I have ordered stuff from England. I have ordered from Barnes and Nobel. I have ordered from Amazon. On top of the normal expenses, a lot of money went out this month.

Part of the problem was that I was waiting for the orders from Europe. While waiting, I got impatient, and ordered something else. The next day, I ordered something else again.

Hopefully, now that everything is slowly coming in by spending habits will be reigned back in. I hope so, because even with my pay I cannot afford to keep this up.