Three Thing Friday

1. Star Wars – As soon as I saw the most recent trailer for the new Star Wars movie, I decided to go and watch the originals. Not in the order of release, and not in the order that the crazy man (George Lucas) intended, but in an order that actually makes sense. Episode IV, followed by Episode V, then Episode II, Episode III and finally Episode VI. And no, I cannot take credit for coming up with this order, it is just one I agree with.

Yes, I am skipping nothing important by missing Episode I. What do I miss? Pod racing, midiclorians, Jar-Jar, and some other minor details.

However, I am watching the Special Editions and I am disappointed. When did Boba Fett become Australian? Why was the line “You could use a good kiss” cut from Empire Strikes Back? Why does Lucas seem determined to make this a series about Anakin Skywalker and not Luke?

As bad as this series has gotten…. It is still an enjoyable series.

2. Doctor Who – We are 5 episodes into the new season, and every other episode has ended with “To be continued”. Why can’t we have stand-alone episodes anymore? Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of two part or even three part episodes, but they should be special occasions. They shouldn’t be common.

Also, I found out that a niece of a friend of mine is dressing up as a weeping angel for Halloween. I find that awesome!

3. Sleeping in – Today one of the team leads beat me into work today. This is a surprise because usually he comes in about an hour after me. I had to know why; this is not his usual behavior. Well, it turns out that his wife needed to be at work that early.

I was surprised; I wouldn’t come in that early, even if my wife had to. She could drive herself. I would sleep in, and come in at the proper time. This may be why I am not a team leader, and it may be one of the explanations as to why I am still single.

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