Three Thing Friday

1. Sitting Idle – I hate sitting idle on my day off. I have to run out and get some shopping done. I could be cleaning… just not in the mood to start yet. Why am I not out getting stuff done?

Well, I ordered a gift for some friends, but I have to be home to sign for it. I actually tried to get out of the house to get some cat food, but as soon as I left my community, I saw a FedEx truck on the road. Odds were that it wasn’t carrying my package, but I just cannot take the risk. I need this stuff before tomorrow.

Damn I hate waiting…

2. Little Terror – The new kitten is driving me crazy. And I am sure that Loki has considered killing him. He loves to play, like all kittens. And he loves getting into things. Not a day goes by where I don’t pick him up off the counter or kitchen table. Loki hisses and growls at him a couple of times a day.

Rama, the kitten, wants to play. He has attacked Loki repeatedly. Loki slaps him around and walks off. I have to give Loki credit; he doesn’t want to fight Rama. He doesn’t want to play, but he doesn’t want to fight.

I hope one day that Rama will calm down. Loki… he has never been like Rama. However, I have only known him after he was past the kitten stage. Maybe he used to be like this too.

3. Chaos when there should be Order – As I wait here for the package, I have BBC America on which is currently airing Doctor Who. And frankly it is driving me nuts. They are not airing the episodes in any order. The first one I caught was one of David Tennant’s last episodes. The following episode was his first episode.

I want an order that makes sense. I want them to run in order.

Of course… I could just put on some DVDs and stop complaining…

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