Feeling Goofy

I realized why I like the sports I like. Kayaking, Skiing, and biking all have one thing in common. I can do them alone. It doesn’t matter how goofy I feel or look, no one I know ever really sees me.

I wear a bike helmet, even though I do not have to. Why? I have taken too many hits to the head not to wear something to protect my head.

I don’t wear a helmet when going skiing. Why not? Because, I just don’t like it. And skiing is what I was doing last time I took a serious blow to the head. Apparently I am not a smart man.

And kayaking, I just wear a life vest. I don’t need to bring much else. When in the ocean I may tie the paddle to the kayak, but no extra life saving devices.

So, while I will on occasion were protection, sometimes it is just easier and more comfortable not too…

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