Lowering Expectations

I have to admit it; my expectations at work are a little high. I expected people to actually do their job, or at least admit it when they couldn’t. Apparently, that is just too much to expect for people I deal with.

I cannot expect the budget people to be ready for the new fiscal year. I cannot expect for them to have all of the accounts in place so that my customers can fund the contact. I guess a lot of contractors will be having a few extras days of unpaid vacation.

I cannot expect the security office to admit it when they lose some of the documents that we have emailed to them. Just admit that you lost it, and stop throwing other people under the bus to protect your own ass.

I cannot expect my customers to get in their documentation in a timely manner. I cannot expect the contracting office to respond to emails sent asking for action on certain subjects. I cannot expect people in my chain of command to have my back.

Fuck it, it’s not that I have to lower my expectations; I have to agree with what one of my co-workers has said repeatedly. I have to stop having expectations.

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