Three Thing Friday

1. Ashamed of America – On this patriotic day, I felt the need to say that there are a few things that this country did that I am not proud of. And while we may not be trying to cover it up, we do seem to not talk about it.

We never seem to discuss the camp that we put loyal American citizens in order to “keep them Safe.” Bull shit. We put yanked loyal Americans into camps during WWII because they looked different. We didn’t put the Americans with German ancestry or the Americans with Italian ancestry into camps; we only put those of Japanese ancestry into camps. These loyal Americans even fought for this country, after their property was taken, and while their families were basically in a prison. And don’t tell me they were treated nice; tell me how nice it is in south Louisiana during the summer. This wasn’t taught to me when I was in school; I had to learn it elsewhere.

Then there is the tale of the SS St. Louis, the voyage of the damned. This ship left Germany, carrying 936 passengers. The first place this ship of refugees tried to dock at was Cuba, which promptly denied them entry. After Cuba, they ship turned North, and was escorted to the coast of Miami, but was once again not allow into port. After another attempt to dock in the States, they continued onto to Canada, but were finally returned to Europe. Some European countries did take in these refugees. Sadly, by the end of World War Two, 227 of those passengers were killed, mostly in the concentration camps in Germany. Most of those could have been saved if we let them into our great nation.

These are just two examples, we could cover the small pox infected blankets, the American-Indians and how we treated them throughout the years, the lies used to go invade Iraq, toppling a government that was legitimately elected because we didn’t like them (CIA and Iran cough cough…), and worst of all, the current candidates trying to become President of this nations. Damn they are embarrassing. This is the best we have?

2. Proud of America – There are so many things about this country that we should be proud of. This great nation put twelve men on the moon. This country came together after the bombing of Pearl Harbor to defeat the Axis powers during WWII. This country sent troops and a lot of money to the areas devastated by the great tsunami of 2004. The way this country came together after the attacks on September 11th is something that I am very proud of.

Maybe it takes a war or a disaster to make this country great. World War One. World War Two. The Cold War. We can be a great country, and we can be great again. We can step it up. I am not sure the current collection of politicians can make this country great, but we can be great.

3. A Nation of Acceptance – This is a country that is supposed to be accepting of others. However, we seem to have drifted away from that. We group all Muslims as terrorists. We group all people who are against gay marriage as ignorant idiots. We group all people who support gay marriage as people who are against religion and who want to take away others rights.

We are no longer tolerant. We are a country filled with hate. We lost the love we felt for each other after 11 September. And even then, how much love did we have? We are a people who killed a Buddhist because we were too stupid to realize that he was not Muslim.

We can be a great country. We should be a great country. We should stand up, and be the country that we want to be. We should take some of the refugees from the Syrian conflict, since part of that is our own fault. We should not build a wall dividing us from Mexico. I cannot fault these people for wanting a better life (plus, I don’t want my wine costs to go up). We should stand with our brothers in Europe against tyranny.

We can do this. We are that good.

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