A New Jersey Second

Today, while driving, I experienced something that is not uncommon down here in Maryland, but would have been unthinkable in New Jersey. I was in a line, patiently waiting for a light to go green. When it finally did turn green, the car at the head of the line did not immediately move.

I was about the fifth car in this line, patiently waiting for the first car to move, when it happened. No one in line hit his or her horn. Not one driver in this line of cars beeped to get the first guy to move. We were only waiting for a few moments, but in New Jersey, the entire line of cars would have been honking, probably including me.

Now, this is not the first time this has happened nor is it the first time that I have noticed it happening. A couple of weeks ago I stalled the MINI at a light that had just turned green. No one behind me hit their horns in the time it took me to restart the car and get going. Again, in NJ, I would have been hearing horns the moment the light turned green.

Maybe the drivers are slower, and maybe they ride the fast lane, but at least they are patient at lights. They don’t beep their horns in less than a NJ second.

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