Three Thing Friday

1. Checking Out – Today I had to go out and get a lot of things accomplished, hair cut, shopping at Home Depot, getting some cat food, and finally shopping for myself at BJ’s. It was while I was using the self-checkout at BJ’s that I realized that I like being able to check out on my own and not deal with people. At both Home Depot and BJ’s I used the self-checkout, and if Pet Smart had the option, I would have used it there too. Hell, if I didn’t want to clean up after myself, I would even cut out the interaction required when getting my haircut and do that on my own too.

These thoughts also made me wonder if moving towards self-checkouts is a good thing. They say people need human interaction, but with the Internet, self-checkouts, texting, Facebook, and other ways, we seem to be moving to a generation of people able to have no interaction with other people.

Actually, that makes me a little happy inside.

2. Connected too much – While I was getting my haircut, there was a woman at the shop with her three children. While two of them were getting their hair done, mom decided to get a call in to some unknown individual.

Once she left, with her children thankfully, a conversation between the barbers began and I got to hear it all. It was between two parents from different generations. The older person thought that she should have kept an eye on the children, not take a few minutes to get in a phone call. It’s not like the older generation had cell phones, and their children were raised just fine.
Of course, the younger barber, a mother of course, stuck up for the mother of three. Saying that sometimes, you take any chance you can get to get something done. Yes, she should have been watching the children (even though they were being watched by those cutting their hair), but maybe she had to get this call in.

Of course, all this proves is that I still do not want children.

3. Tomorrow – Tomorrow, I have to get the kittens in a car so I can pass them off to someone to take them to the vet next week. This should be interesting. Two kittens squeezed into one small cat carrier. Hopefully the little buggers get along enough to survive this ride.

When they are done with the vet, only one of them may be returning with me. I believe Loki can handle one of the kittens. It’s the less energetic one. I hope my friend Chrissie, who is adopting the second kitten, can handle his energy…

I couldn’t.

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