Three Thing Friday

1. Debatable – Last night was the first two debates among the Republican Party members to help determine who will be the one to carry their flag in the next election. The problem is that with the time constraints and the amount of potential candidates, I didn’t think there would be much time for anything else other than a quick one-liner and maybe some “facts” that would happen to creep into the debate.

You knew they would attack Hilary. You knew they would attack Trump (always have to bring down the number 1). You knew lies and half-truths would be thrown out to swing some potential voter.

I haven’t even read the results other than a quick glance at the fact checker. I have no idea how it’s going to turn out. And why am I showing such lack of interest? Well, we have a lot of time before the primaries which I can’t even vote in anyway. Sure, some of the candidates scare the crap out of me, but it’s not like I can vote for them now anyway.

2. Forced Class – This week I had part two of a forced “Future Leadership” class. Well, it wasn’t supposed to be forced. It was supposed to be voluntary, but I was told to go. It was actually a good class. It was fun and I actually learned some things.

I confirmed that I do not want to be put into a leadership position. It’s just not a position I want to be in.

I may actually be ok at leadership, but I am not comfortable with it. Sadly, people at the office don’t seem to understand that people may not want that. They think that everyone wants to get into management and leadership. Heck, on a survey I took, I scored much lower than average when it came to how important moving up the ladder was to me. I would like more money, who wouldn’t? But I also rate success in life by how I live my life. That is more important to me than how far up the ladder I make it.

3. All is Quiet on the Eastern Front – I saw an article this week that mentioned how the United States is currently in a dry spell for hurricanes. And when I was thinking about it, without reading the article, I realized that we have a couple of years in a row where we got slammed, but more recently, I am not even sure we have been hit by anything more than a category 1.

What does this mean? Is this the clam before the storm (pun intended)? Possibly. This could be the year where we have the big one or maybe we will have another quiet year.

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