Three Thing Friday

1. Getting a Word In – Yesterday I had to sit in on a teleconference. The subject was nothing special, just discussing the contract I manage. It took a half hour of one guy talking, not letting anyone else to get a word in, before we managed to finally get him to allow us to say what we wanted to say. And once we did, we managed to speak what we wanted to say in the first three minutes, and that statement alone answered all of his issues and problems. Not only answered them, but as he said, solved all of the problems.

So yea, we could have spent three minutes on this teleconference, but no, we spent a half hour. Hell, there is a possibility it could have been taken care of through an email. If the man would have just let us speak. It he just would have shut the hell up for one moment.

2. Long Weeks – I have no idea why, but these last few weeks have seemed a lot longer than usual. I haven’t even had a full week. Last week was Loki’s illness, forcing me to take some leave (actually not bitter, it was for Loki after all). This week was meetings, being tied up trying to get something to print, and just a lot of other work related issues.

I have no idea why the short weeks always happen to seem so much longer than some of the normal workweeks. But damn, this weekend better recharge my batteries. The last few weekends just have not even been close to long enough.

3. All Lives Matter – The former governor of Maryland, and now one of the Democrats running for the presidential ticket, had to apologize for making the statement “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” Right after saying this, he got booed, and then he proceeded to say it again.

So, I have heard the argument that him saying that all lives mattered minimalized black lives. However, the protesters booing him also made them sound hypocritical, and that they don’t think all lives matter.

I’m not saying that I understand all that’s is going down lately. I do get that the candidate should not have made the same statement a second time after being booed, that’s just stupid. Of course, being on the spot like that can be difficult, but he wants to be a presidential candidate, he will have to better than this.

I will say that I do not agree with O’Malley apologizing for saying “All lives matter.” I would not have, but then, I will also never be president. And I am ok with that.

All lives do matter.

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