Fat Furball Update

So, Loki has been home since Friday. The kittens have been locked up in the guest room for most of the day, everyday, since then as well.

What do we know? Nothing. All tests have been coming back negative. The spleen and bladder looked a little enlarged, but that’s about it. We do know that he wasn’t eating. It’s unlikely that the kittens were the cause, but there is a possibility that they were the straw (straw’s?) that broke the camel’s back.

He is back to eating. And pilling him has not been as bad as I feared. Yes, it is a struggle at times, but he is usually pretty good at taking the pills. There are still issues, but he has been eating and drinking, and I will take that.

So, I am hopeful that whatever it was wrong with him has passed. I just don’t know though. Loki does look a little pathetic with a shaved arm and belly, but I’ll accept that if he gets better.

And I am pretty sure that I saw Tony Hawk in a MINI commercial that actually had a warning of “Professional Skateboarder”… really?

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