Three Thing Friday

1. Loki is home – So, he only spent one night in the vet. He seems less stressed now than I did last night. He does look pretty sad with a hairless belly and one of his paws being shaved too.

We still don’t know what was wrong, but he seems happier. Of course, that could be because the kittens are locked away in the guest bedroom. I feel guilty, but I need my Loki back. I miss the old Loki.

Plus, now I have to give him pills. This will end in blood. Mine. All over the house.

2. Who is next? – So, the race for the race to be president is on. The republic party will probably clear 20 runners shortly, while the democrats have… well, other than Hillary, I have no idea who is running. I don’t know if that is good or bad.

But for the republicans we have Bush, Trump, Christie, and a few (MANY) others that I don’t remember. I am already sick of this race and it hasn’t even started yet.

At least the next few months should be good for laughs. With Trump and Christie, I should be laughing so hard I cry.

3. Actually Excited – I have no idea why, but I am actually excited about some movies that are coming out.

James Bond – I will see this in the theater. I see every Bond film in the theater.

Bat v Sup – Yes, I am finally excited about this movie. Will it be great? Maybe. Will Affleck kill the Batman? Probably. Will it disappoint? Most likely. But for some reason, I am excited to see it.

Suicide Squad – I am almost more excited to see this movie than I am to see the next Godzilla movie, Japanese or American. I mean… Harley Quinn? I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I may hate it later like most DC movies, but it has fucking Harley Quinn!

Oh yea… Godzilla, the Japanese Movie – SUPER EXCITED

American Godzilla – Just as SUPER EXCITED

And of course, the movie I will probably see multiple times, Star Wars. This I have to see. I expect so much, yet fear that my high expectations will only end up with me being let down.

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