Crazy Kitties

Today, I could have posted a blog about the crazy emails and coworkers, and their crazy antics, I decided not to. I could have blogged about the seven shark attacks that have occurred in North Carolina, and I may even do so… later.

Today, I wanted to tell two stories about the two crazy kittens I am fostering. But I have to start with saying Loki is not a happy homeowner. First, I will tell a tale of the stupid one. He’s not really stupid, but he is a very energetic kitten who does not make the best decisions. The other morning, let us say Monday, Loki was lying out in the kitchen, warming in the sun. Well, he was flicking the tail, which drew the attention of the playful one. He’s snuck up behind Loki and pounced! Loki jumped up, hissed and growled (at the same time which was odd) and gave the kitten a quick swat. After which, he walked off.

That’s not the funny part. The funny part is that the next night, the same thing happened. Loki does not like his tail being touched. Having it attacked by a kitten, that kitten is lucky that Loki is somewhat patient, even if unhappy. He easily could kill the little punk.

Now, the second kitten is a little shy. In fact, I didn’t really see him till the third or fourth day that he was here. In fact, I think Loki liked that about him. Well, the other day, after I fed Loki some fresh food, the little grey cat walked right up to him, and just started eating out of Loki’s dish. Loki growled, then gave me a “WTF?” look. It was entertaining. And I have to give the kitten credit. He is about a 10th of the size of Loki, if not smaller. To go up and take some of the 17 pound Loki’s food, that takes courage.

And no, I haven’t named these little guys. I don’t want to for fear of wanting to keep them. While the one is ok, the second is an energetic pain in the ass.

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