Three Thing Friday

1. Dumbass – So, we have a dentist who is shocked at the anger that has come from his murdering a lion. He says that he relied on the professionalism of his guides to make it a legal hunt. He apologized for what he did. He didn’t realize that they were luring the lion out of a protected habitat and that it was a lion that was tagged and being studied. Yet, he tried to hide the evidence, rather than man up and say he made a mistake.

Should we extradite him to face punishment? Yes, if we can find him. Will he get a fair trial? No, of course not. However, I am not sure what the outcome will be. I feel like he would either pay people off and get away with it (since that is basically what he has already tried to do) or maybe he will be put to death. I admit that if he got the death penalty, I wouldn’t be all that upset.

Everyone knows I like animals more than I like most people, so having someone I don’t know, and someone who I already don’t like, put to death for killing an animal is not upsetting to me at all.

I don’t get hunting for “sport”. It’s a sport to kill something that has no chance to fight back? Let the hunters hunt each other. At least there is some actual sport involved in that. Plus, there would be fewer people in the world, making me slightly happier. The only problem I have no is that his asshattery is now affecting his dental technicians. I hope they can find a new location of work soon, with out jackass.

2. The Science of Stupid – You should watch it. It has one of the hosts from Top Gear, Richard Hammond, going over Internet video disasters and explaining the science of how to get it right, and how it went so wrong. It’s worth it, and so far I have only watched one episode…

3. Welcome Back Boys – Speaking of Top Gear, the three hosts have agreed to host a Autoshow on Amazon. I have to admit I was surprised that Amazon won the contract deal. I really thought Netflix was going to win the deal.

I guess this means I will be getting Amazon Prime soon. Oh look! Free two day delivery.

Three Thing Friday

1. Getting a Word In – Yesterday I had to sit in on a teleconference. The subject was nothing special, just discussing the contract I manage. It took a half hour of one guy talking, not letting anyone else to get a word in, before we managed to finally get him to allow us to say what we wanted to say. And once we did, we managed to speak what we wanted to say in the first three minutes, and that statement alone answered all of his issues and problems. Not only answered them, but as he said, solved all of the problems.

So yea, we could have spent three minutes on this teleconference, but no, we spent a half hour. Hell, there is a possibility it could have been taken care of through an email. If the man would have just let us speak. It he just would have shut the hell up for one moment.

2. Long Weeks – I have no idea why, but these last few weeks have seemed a lot longer than usual. I haven’t even had a full week. Last week was Loki’s illness, forcing me to take some leave (actually not bitter, it was for Loki after all). This week was meetings, being tied up trying to get something to print, and just a lot of other work related issues.

I have no idea why the short weeks always happen to seem so much longer than some of the normal workweeks. But damn, this weekend better recharge my batteries. The last few weekends just have not even been close to long enough.

3. All Lives Matter – The former governor of Maryland, and now one of the Democrats running for the presidential ticket, had to apologize for making the statement “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” Right after saying this, he got booed, and then he proceeded to say it again.

So, I have heard the argument that him saying that all lives mattered minimalized black lives. However, the protesters booing him also made them sound hypocritical, and that they don’t think all lives matter.

I’m not saying that I understand all that’s is going down lately. I do get that the candidate should not have made the same statement a second time after being booed, that’s just stupid. Of course, being on the spot like that can be difficult, but he wants to be a presidential candidate, he will have to better than this.

I will say that I do not agree with O’Malley apologizing for saying “All lives matter.” I would not have, but then, I will also never be president. And I am ok with that.

All lives do matter.

Fat Furball Update

So, Loki has been home since Friday. The kittens have been locked up in the guest room for most of the day, everyday, since then as well.

What do we know? Nothing. All tests have been coming back negative. The spleen and bladder looked a little enlarged, but that’s about it. We do know that he wasn’t eating. It’s unlikely that the kittens were the cause, but there is a possibility that they were the straw (straw’s?) that broke the camel’s back.

He is back to eating. And pilling him has not been as bad as I feared. Yes, it is a struggle at times, but he is usually pretty good at taking the pills. There are still issues, but he has been eating and drinking, and I will take that.

So, I am hopeful that whatever it was wrong with him has passed. I just don’t know though. Loki does look a little pathetic with a shaved arm and belly, but I’ll accept that if he gets better.

And I am pretty sure that I saw Tony Hawk in a MINI commercial that actually had a warning of “Professional Skateboarder”… really?

Three Thing Friday

1. Loki is home – So, he only spent one night in the vet. He seems less stressed now than I did last night. He does look pretty sad with a hairless belly and one of his paws being shaved too.

We still don’t know what was wrong, but he seems happier. Of course, that could be because the kittens are locked away in the guest bedroom. I feel guilty, but I need my Loki back. I miss the old Loki.

Plus, now I have to give him pills. This will end in blood. Mine. All over the house.

2. Who is next? – So, the race for the race to be president is on. The republic party will probably clear 20 runners shortly, while the democrats have… well, other than Hillary, I have no idea who is running. I don’t know if that is good or bad.

But for the republicans we have Bush, Trump, Christie, and a few (MANY) others that I don’t remember. I am already sick of this race and it hasn’t even started yet.

At least the next few months should be good for laughs. With Trump and Christie, I should be laughing so hard I cry.

3. Actually Excited – I have no idea why, but I am actually excited about some movies that are coming out.

James Bond – I will see this in the theater. I see every Bond film in the theater.

Bat v Sup – Yes, I am finally excited about this movie. Will it be great? Maybe. Will Affleck kill the Batman? Probably. Will it disappoint? Most likely. But for some reason, I am excited to see it.

Suicide Squad – I am almost more excited to see this movie than I am to see the next Godzilla movie, Japanese or American. I mean… Harley Quinn? I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I may hate it later like most DC movies, but it has fucking Harley Quinn!

Oh yea… Godzilla, the Japanese Movie – SUPER EXCITED

American Godzilla – Just as SUPER EXCITED

And of course, the movie I will probably see multiple times, Star Wars. This I have to see. I expect so much, yet fear that my high expectations will only end up with me being let down.

Taking it Hard

For the past few days, Loki has not been himself. He has been hiding underneath my bed. He hasn’t had much of an appetite. His meow has been week. And today, he growled and hissed at me. This is not like him. So, this means a trip to the vet.

Loki does not vet well. And he sure doesn’t ride well. And even this ride was one of the more quite rides I have had. So far he has been weighed, had his temp taken, had blood work, and finally had some x-rays. So far, all we know is that he is not eating; he lost almost 2.5 pounds since his last weigh in, and that is about all.

So, now Loki will be spending the night at the vet, and honestly, it’s a little lonely at the house right now. I got used to Loki always being here. Even with the two foster kittens (anyone want one?) it is just not the same.

I did get to see Loki before I left him for the night. Turns out that he is not being very cooperative. There was a warning on his cage to “Be Careful”. Apparently he did not want the catheter inserted, and he fought back. So now they are going to sedate him to give him this catheter. Tomorrow is an ultrasound. I need to know what is wrong.

I cannot handle this stress. I m not handling it well at all.

Three Thing Friday

1. What to call it – I just saw a post on Facebook where someone was saying that we should stop calling shark attacks “shark attacks”. His hope would be to stop making sharks out to be villains who plan on hurting and killing humans. At first, I thought this might be a good idea. The sharks are just behaving as they are supposed to. They are hunting in some cases and just curious in others.

And this is when it hit me. It’s the fact that most people are just not educated enough about sharks. No one bats an eye when someone says lion attack. This is probably because it rarely happens near home. Obviously, I am speaking as an American and someone who is fascinated by sharks.

Changing what you call it will not change the perception of the average American. You need to change the perception. People need to realize that a shark attack usually will not be fatal. It is usually a case of mistaken identity. The shark is just curious.

It is still an attack, but the shark is not targeting humans, it is just looking for food in it’s own house.

seal and shark 2

2. Assumptions – So, I caught a new special on Shark Week this year that made me question some of the assumptions by the producers and researchers in the special. The title of the episode was “Return of the Great White Serial Killer”. And even though the title shows part of the problem with perceptions, it was actually a fairly good episode. Some of the scientific pages I follow even stated that a lot of what they said was actually factual.

The story behind the episode, in short, is that there have been very localized shark attacks in California. The attacks have occurred in 2008, 2010, 2012, and some kayakers were attacked in 2014 while filming the episode was taking place. Some, but not all, of these attacks were fatal. The researcher wanted to find out if it was a single shark and tag the shark so that the authorities can warn the locals in 2016.

Now, if we agree with some of his assumptions, that it was a single shark, that the shark is on a two-year migration (which is very possible), and that the shark if a large female, his final assumption seemed a little far fetched.

After some work in California, he went to Guadeloupe to get a DNA sample of some large female sharks and compare their DNA to the DNA recovered from one of the shark attacks. The problem I have here is the timing. Guadeloupe is thought to be a mating ground for sharks, and in November, there are a lot of large female whites. But with the gestation period of a Great White being about 11 months (ok, got this from Wikipedia so not sure about this), I would assume that she would be in Guadeloupe in an odd number year. Going from the coast of California to Guadeloupe is very doable for these creatures, I am just not sure it would do it in a month.

Think about this, she’s big, she’s pregnant, and she’s probably hungry. That may be why she’s attacking so much in even number years in California. They should try to get DNA from sharks in Guadeloupe in the odd number years. And my theory is just as good as the researcher’s, and just as easily proven. In other words, not easy at all.

Dotty Surface 2

3. Another Shark Week – Every year I say that it is going to be the last time I watch shark week. And every year, I find myself watching it again. This year wasn’t as bad as prior years. There were some episodes that were just wrong, but others that were actually factual. One example was the episode that measured the same shark twice, and came up with two significantly different sizes. Another example was when they were talking about a large female shark, then showed footage of a male.

But at least there were no shows like “Submarine” or a show about how the Megladon still lives. Over all, this has been the best Shark Week in years.

I am not going to say that I won’t watch it next year, even I know that I will. I might as well accept it; I am addicted to Shark Week. Plus, is it nice to see the Islander and her crew on specials.

It brings back a lot of great memories. I really enjoy taking those trips to Guadeloupe on the Islander. The food, crew, sharks, and everything else are amazing. If anyone plans on going themselves, use the Islander, it is worth the cost. Hell, I will be back at Guadeloupe in 2016. Even I am on a two-year migration.

Dotty 1

Three Thing Friday

1. Off the Wagon – Last night was the first time I had alcohol of any sort in over a month. And I fell off the wagon hard. I went to a friend’s house in NJ, and the group polished off a lot of wine.

Problem, I ended up with a hell of a hang over. When I was younger, my recovery time was much faster. This time it is taking me all day to get back. I think I am going to end up taking another, shorter break from drinking.

And I am pretty sure I made a similar post about this already.

2. Shark Week – Well, finally shark week is starting this Sunday. However, I am so impatient that I may have to put on some of my shark week DVDs. Yes, I am such a shark freak that I bought a few DVDs of shark week programming. I even have some on blu-ray.

You know what? Maybe that isn’t such a bad idea.

3. Weird things – There have been some really odd things been going on lately on the east coast. The Carolinas have already had 10 shark attacks this year. This is significantly above average. The average is usually 6 a year. And we are just now hitting the 4th of July.

Shark attacks are not the only thing out of the ordinary. Man-o-wars have washed up on the jersey coast. These jellyfish are way out of their usual comfort zone. I am not saying that this is the first time they have washed up on the Jersey Shore, but they are not a common sight.

There is other out of the ordinary things going on as well. There can be many reasons for this. I am not a scientist, maybe we should ask the pope (hey, he is actually a scientist!). I do believe that what my friend said is probably true. The Gulf Stream may be shifting. I am not saying this is because of Global warming… no, I am saying that. If the current is shifting, and waters are warming up closer to the shores of the US, that could explain these odd occurrences.

Crazy Kitties

Today, I could have posted a blog about the crazy emails and coworkers, and their crazy antics, I decided not to. I could have blogged about the seven shark attacks that have occurred in North Carolina, and I may even do so… later.

Today, I wanted to tell two stories about the two crazy kittens I am fostering. But I have to start with saying Loki is not a happy homeowner. First, I will tell a tale of the stupid one. He’s not really stupid, but he is a very energetic kitten who does not make the best decisions. The other morning, let us say Monday, Loki was lying out in the kitchen, warming in the sun. Well, he was flicking the tail, which drew the attention of the playful one. He’s snuck up behind Loki and pounced! Loki jumped up, hissed and growled (at the same time which was odd) and gave the kitten a quick swat. After which, he walked off.

That’s not the funny part. The funny part is that the next night, the same thing happened. Loki does not like his tail being touched. Having it attacked by a kitten, that kitten is lucky that Loki is somewhat patient, even if unhappy. He easily could kill the little punk.

Now, the second kitten is a little shy. In fact, I didn’t really see him till the third or fourth day that he was here. In fact, I think Loki liked that about him. Well, the other day, after I fed Loki some fresh food, the little grey cat walked right up to him, and just started eating out of Loki’s dish. Loki growled, then gave me a “WTF?” look. It was entertaining. And I have to give the kitten credit. He is about a 10th of the size of Loki, if not smaller. To go up and take some of the 17 pound Loki’s food, that takes courage.

And no, I haven’t named these little guys. I don’t want to for fear of wanting to keep them. While the one is ok, the second is an energetic pain in the ass.