Three Thing Friday

1. The Battle Flag of Northern Virginia – I admit it, I felt like an ass when it was pointed out to me that the “Confederate Flag” isn’t actually the confederate flag. I believe I knew this, but I just forgot. The flag that is causing all of the problems in South Carolina is actually the battle flag of Northern Virginia. The actual “Stars and Bars” looks completely different (and shame on whoever called it the Stars and Bars in whatever news article I was reading).

Now, I do have issues with the flag. It should never have been hoisted on state property. A government under the United States should never raise a flag of an army that fought against the United States in rebellion. As for citizens flying the flag, I have no issues with them displaying the flag. It is their right. And honestly, it helps identify people I would normally rather not associate with. Again, I have to say MOST of them I would rather not associate with. I am sure some of them are actually decent people.

But leave it to this country to have an act of terrorism, and focus on the flag, not the jackass who committed the terrorism. Do people really think that if the flag goes away, racism and terrorism will go away?

2. Jumping to Conclusions – I was about to write how this country is now going too far. I just read a headline (I know, read the article before you jump to conclusions) and immediately thought that is was a sign of going to far. The headline read that the mayor of Memphis was to remove the graves of a confederate general and his family.

Now, the general in question is Nathan Bedford Forrest (I believe who Forrest Gump was named after). This man became a Grand Wizard of the KKK. Now, here is where I stood before I read the article. Let them man rest in peace. While I do not believe in an afterlife, I also don’t see the need to dig a man up and move his body, plus the bodies of his family, 150 years later.

But have you seen his statue? It’s hideous! If for that reason only I could get behind the removal of the statue. It looks like a 5 year old designed it. It looks like the thing of nightmares. People anted the Lucile Ball statue removed because of how hideous it was, how could this one have stood for so long?

Still, leave the man’s grave be. Leave the man’s family be. If there is an afterlife, I am sure he is paying for his actions while on this planet. If there isn’t, then who cares where the man and his family are buried.

But please, that statue has got to go. It is an eyesore.


3. Still Waiting – The Supreme Court Of The United States has just ruled that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. This ruling was a long time coming. The government, be it Federal, State, or Local does not have the right to restrict the rights of the citizens of this country. And that is what they have been doing. Not to mention that as soon as you make the argument against gay marriage by citing the bible, you begin to waive your right to the separation of church and state, and there is no guarantee that your church, your religion, will be the one that is enforced.

Now, what am I waiting for? Well, gay marriage has been legal has been legal in a couple of states for a few years. I am waiting for the end of times that I was promised would come. I am waiting for the apocalypse. I am waiting for people to start marrying their pets (It scares me that people can make the jump from gay’s being married to people marrying their pets).

No, the end of the world isn’t going to come because people who love each other are now allowed to recognize that marriage. It is not going to come because a life partner can now spend time with their dying loved ones. It is not going to come because families can now be insured together.

No, the end of the world is going to come around because some crazy extremists do not have a sense of humor. It is going to come about because some politician will nuke a foreign country for oil. It is going to come about in the name of some god who doesn’t happen to be the same god another person worships.

Wow, that was preachy, even for me.

And damn it, I want my apocalypse.

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