Three Thing Friday

1. The MINI – She may be coming to an end. Tuesday night I had an electrical short that triggered almost every warning light in the car. Wednesday, the service engine light went on. The light went off on Thursday, so I thought that was a good thing.

However, today on the way to work, I lost all power and the car limited my ability to accelerate. I couldn’t get up enough speed to get out of second gear. I restart fixed the issue, except the service engine light was back on. Well, apparently accelerating fast trips all of the issues.

I have a feeling this is going to be an expensive repair…. So maybe a new car is on the horizon.

2. Milkshakes – I went to Burger King the other day, and instead of ordering some ice cream like my friend, I ordered a large milkshake. It’s been a while since I had one, and this one was Oreo flavored. For a BK shake, it wasn’t at all. In fact, I would recommend it almost as much as the Shamrock shakes from McDonalds.

So yes, I would recommend the shake from Burger King… but I felt like crap after it.

3. I picked a bad month to give up drinking – I am not falling off the wagon yet, this was a rough week. Class, while interesting and job related, was dry as hell. Granted, it was still better than work, but it sucked.

And then my first full day back to work wasn’t any better. I know I have a few bottles of wine calling my name, but I am going to pass. One month isn’t that long, I can easily do this. But week one was one heck of a test.

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