Trying Something New

Obviously, yesterday was Mother’s Day, and yes, I met up with my mom for lunch. She wanted to have some Indian food and had tasked me find a place that was the mid point between us. The shock was that she brought my father with her. My sister as well, but that was not as much of a surprise.

Why was my father coming a surprise? Well, much like my younger self, my father does not normally try new things when it comes to food. He might try true Mexican food, but he’s an Italian and American kind of guy. And when I was a kid I would run away from trying new things. When I hit college, this changed. I don’t know why. And it really doesn’t matter.

My dad actually he thought that he would be eating raw fish like sushi. I actually remember dragging him to a sushi restaurant once, that’s when he learned that not all sushi is raw fish. Though, I am not sure he remembers that. And of course, Indian food is not sushi.

So, my father tried Indian food, mild of course. My sister also tried Indian food, and she also went mild on the spices. My mom, being a little braver, went a little spicier, but I already knew she liked Indian food. And I went with a 5 on a 10-point scale, playing it a little safe.

And I have to say, the food was great, and the waiter did everything he could to make my father and sister happy. I think he knew that my mom and I were just happy to be eating Indian. He really went all out.

I highly recommend Nimit Palace in Voorhees, NJ. It was a tiny place, but the food and staff were amazing.

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