Classic Cartoon

Well, to be truthful, it is not a classic. In fact, it only lasted one season, and that was way back in 1985. It wasn’t G.I. Joe or Transformers. Heck, it wasn’t even Go-bots, the cheap Transformers knock-off, which I did watch briefly. It was a cartoon called “Wheeled Warriors.”

A coworker actually reminded me of this “classic,” and I actually had some of the toys that went along with it. It did bring back some great memories, (well, memories) which even I am surprised all the alcohol hasn’t managed to kill off. However, after asking another couple of friends my age, I realized why it was cancelled so quickly. Apparently, only my co-worker and I watched it. (I sent the video to another friend, forgetting that he wasn’t even born in 1985).

I can’t tell you why I remember this so vividly. I can tell you that I tried to watch an episode today, and I couldn’t get through it. I will also say that I found one of the toys from the show, one that I happened to own, for sale on eBay. When I saw that it was selling for $360.00, I almost cried.

Wheeled Warriors Trailblazer 9

Well, this shows go into the long list of shows from the 80’s that I cannot believe I watched.And yes, the above is what I owned…