The T-Word

Thug – Noun. A cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
Ruffian – Noun – A tough lawless person, roughneck, bully

Funny, I think ruffian describes the rioters in Baltimore perfectly. There is no racial tone to it. The T word is no where near as bad as the N word (OK, this is the opinion of a short white guy) but maybe if the rioters were not wrecking their own town and destroying the property of their fellow citizens, maybe they wouldn’t be considered ruffians or thugs. They are just pissed because “thugs” is the perfect description of what they have become.

When this was a peaceful protest, I was fully behind it. I had no issue, and even sympathized, with the citizens of Baltimore. But then things went to far. There was a mayor who apparently decided that she shouldn’t react, and may have even been in hiding. We had a governor who, by Maryland law apparently, had wait for her (the mayor) to ask for help. And we had a President who could not send in troops contrary to popular belief. (That’s right people, it’s not because he is black, it’s because unless he declared Maryland in insurrection, he could not call in the guard) We had citizens who decided that burning and looting was the best way to show their anger.

Except, is that really what they were doing? Not really. These citizens were no longer protesting the death of their fellow man. They were taking stuff that they wanted just because they felt they could. They were taking stuff not because they wanted to make the government suffer economically; they were taking stuff because they fell into a mindset of entitlement.

I am not saying the cops were right and that Freddie Gray deserved to die. I am also not saying the cops were at fault. I do not have all of the fact to pass judgment, but what these people are doing now is just plain wrong.

Granted, most people wouldn’t notice the difference between warzone Baltimore and pre-warzone Baltimore.

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