Three Thing Friday

1. Pain in the Back – I’m getting old. I realize that. The massive pain in my back that I have been complaining about for the last week is proof. And I know that my friends and coworkers are tired of hearing “Damn my back hurts.”

Well, today I finally went to the chiropractor, and even she said that it was the worst she had ever seen my back. Even the alignment, which is usually easy, was a lot of work this time. I actually felt the lower back being forced back into place.

And I have no idea what I did. That’s the worst part. I have been working out a lot more lately, but I am pretty sure that wasn’t what did me in. However, since I do not know what it was, it could have even been the rough ride in the MINI Easter weekend. I felt the pain all the way down to my knees. Hopefully, thanks to the adjustment, I will be back to normal tomorrow.

2. Pain in the Neck – I have no idea what Loki’s issue is lately, but he has been a giant pain in the neck the last few days. Demanding attention. He would grab his string, walk around the house dragging it behind him, “meowing” to get my attention. Now, I say meowing, but I guess it is hard to meow when you are carrying a string in your mouth. I have no idea how to describe how annoying it is when you are trying to go to sleep, and this cat is demanding attention at that time.

Damn he is a pain in the neck.

3. Pain in the Wallet – Last few weeks have been really hard on my wallet. I don’t know what my problem is, but I have been spending a lot of money. Yes, it is all going to my hobbies, but I really need to cut back. I have ordered stuff from England. I have ordered from Barnes and Nobel. I have ordered from Amazon. On top of the normal expenses, a lot of money went out this month.

Part of the problem was that I was waiting for the orders from Europe. While waiting, I got impatient, and ordered something else. The next day, I ordered something else again.

Hopefully, now that everything is slowly coming in by spending habits will be reigned back in. I hope so, because even with my pay I cannot afford to keep this up.

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