Conflict of Interest

A coworker/friend of mine made a comment today that made me aware of a serious conflict of interest. Currently, when I die, most of my money goes to my mother, with some going to some charity and other people of my choice. But the majority of my money is being left to my mother. This would include any insurance money, all of my savings, anything made from the sale of my home (and other crap), all of it goes to her.

Where is the conflict of interest? Well, my mom is also in charge of pulling the plug when there is a plug to be pulled. She is the one who makes the decision of if I live or die. The one who would inherit all of my money upon my death gets to make the decision about my death. What idiot puts the person who inherits the money in charge of life and death? This idiot.

I may have to make some changes… but then again, there isn’t anyone else in my family I think I would trust to make that choice.

I guess I will just have to not get myself into a position where that decision has to be made.

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