“Easter” with the Family

This past Saturday I drove up to New Jersey to have “Easter” lunch/dinner with my family. Since I didn’t spend the night, this turned out to be about five hours on the road (round trip) to spend about three hours with them. I rarely get to see them, so I have no excuse to why I did not spend the night, but it was good to see them all again.

It turns out that my family is pretty morbid. During this get together, we had a very interesting and depressing conversation. The main topic seemed to be who in our family is getting cremated or buried, or who was cremated or buried in the past. Mind you, we eat in my Aunt’s house, next to a cupboard that currently has the urns of my Grandfather and Grandmother in it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that death was the main topic of the night.

Well, it turns out that I want to be cremated (if there is anything left to be cremated), just like my mom and my Aunt. My Uncle is going to be buried next to his deceased wife and her mother. My father is not going to be shipped back to Arizona, but I do not know what he wants, (apparently my mom has told him what he wants) and my sister hasn’t put any thought into it yet (what? Is she adopted?). It also turns out that a cousin of mine wanted to be cremated, but her daughter didn’t want that, so she had her buried. I have a hard time with this. If my mom wants to be cremated, I would not go against her wishes.

Of course, this wasn’t the only conversation during the meal. We also discussed the recent odd plane crashes, people who used to live in Seaside Park, if my aunt should buy half of the neighbor’s property when the neighbor kicks the bucket, and many other morbid topics.

Overall, it was a great time had with the family, and may be the last time I see them till after the summer season. I do not drive to Seaside Park during the summer. I will not drive through that traffic.

And I am very aware that Easter was Sunday, but it is my Family.

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