Three Thing Friday

1. Mega-churches – Down south, in the great state of Alabama, there is a mega-church called World Changers Church international, and the pastor is asking his member for donations. Now, this isn’t shocking, but the reason that he is asking for these donations is that he wants to buy a new jet to replace his old one.

If this pastor was using this jet to do good in third world countries, I may be able to understand, if not agree. But the older plane had problems on its flight to (or from) Australia, which as far as I know is not a third world country.

If the pastor was trying to spread the word of god to a third world country, I might understand. And this is not a rant against religion, but I don’t understand how people can think that donating 10% of their paycheck to these mega-churches can possibly bring them happiness. Ok, some of them are trying to do good, but most of them are just trying to make a fortune. The 10% does bring happiness, just happiness to the pastors.

2. Scientology – Apparently there is this HBO special coming out soon showing how evil scientology truly is. There are interviews with formal members, and no chance for the current members to defend their church. They were offered the chance, but no one took them up on the offer.

How do I know about this? Well the higher members of Scientology have taken to attacking this special, which is the only reason I know about it at all. If they kept their mouths shut, it probably would have come and gone with hardly anyone noticing it.

But no, they had to come out and try to tear down their former member and the director. Maybe scientology isn’t all bad… who am I kidding, of course they are.

3. Some Good – Just so it doesn’t seem like it am completely bashing organized religion in today’s Three Thing Friday, I admit that it has, and still does, some good. The new Pope, for example, is steering the Catholic church in a good direction. There are some mega-churches who actually help the local communities. Other churches actually practice what they preach. Just because I do not believe in a higher power does not mean that I cannot acknowledge the good being done by people who do, but people also have to see all the wrongs being committed by some organized religion.

Not accepting gay marriage. Treating people as second-class citizens. Killing people because they do not believe in the exact same god. These are things that need to be acknowledged and stopped.

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