One Unhappy Cat

Today was a stressful day for Loki, and for myself as well. Thanks to a snowstorm, Loki’s appointment with the vet was postponed to today. Loki does not travel well. Getting him into a carrier is not actually that hard. Sometimes he just walks in; today I had to give him a little push. It still wasn’t a lot of work; in fact, it may have been the easiest part of the stressful day.

Once I got him into the car, I had to listen to him meow the entire trip to the vet. And he has such a sad meow. I hate hearing that meow. At the vet he got his shots, a quick check up, a weigh in, and only hissed a few times. I was told that my cat is overweight… ok, I knew the vet, and I told him ahead of the visit that Loki was overweight, but the vet confirmed it.

I was also hoping to adopt a cat today, so we decided to see what would happen when Loki met this new cat. It did not go well. There was a lot more hissing, Loki tried to hide even more into the cat carrier, and the female cat almost ran away.

Now, all this may have been due to Loki’s stressful day, and I may try to bring the cat home another day, but it was not a good start. I am worried about bringing her here, and then having to return her. I do not like test runs with animals.

And I know me, I would hate to return her.

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