Three Thing Friday

1. Stubbornness – I have my own personal parking spot at work. Now, when I say that it is “my” spot, what I mean is that I am at work so early that I can basically pick what ever spot I want, and I always park in the same spot.

Well, last weekend we got hit we a pretty powerful snowstorm (cough cough), and the people plowing the base pushed the snow into my spot. It is still mostly clear, but there is a large pile of snow still there. And I will be damned if I will let some snow prevent me from parking in my spot. All week the MINI Cooper has still been in its place, even if it was on some odd angle. I don’t mean that I parked diagonally; I mean that some snow jacked up the back end of the MINI. Also, I have to really try to get into and out of that car.

Dang it, it is “my” spot!

2. Leonard Nimoy – Spock died today. I have a lot of fond memories of watching Star Trek with my family, mostly my father. While Spock was not my favorite character in the show, it was the show itself that was important to me. I remember watching him appear in Star Trek TNG, the original series, and all of those movies including the reboot.

This man was with Star Trek from the beginning in their pilot episode and has been in more movies than William Shatner (passing him by appearing in that brief moment in the most recent film).

The man will be missed more than the role.

Live long and prosper.

3. Iran – This week video and pictures were shown of the Iranian navy blowing up a wooden replica of an American Aircraft carrier. And it really did resemble one of our carriers, if the lighting was perfect and you squinted a little bit.

But it was impressive that they managed to blow up a wooden boat that wasn’t shooting back. That didn’t have it air cover. That didn’t have its escort ships with it. Still, it was a little impressed. Am I scared of the Iranian navy? Not really, and I am not insulted by what they did.

This was not a blow to our pride; this was a navy showing their people that their navy is not entirely inept. This was a country posturing during some negotiations. This is a plot for a bad comedy movie.

So, lets sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch a bad replica of a carrier being blown up by and poor navy. It is still better than the movie Battleship.

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