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I can finally say that I am no longer a homeowner or a taxpayer in the great state of New Jersey. After living in Maryland for just over four years while still owning a home in NJ, I am very happy that it is no longer my responsibility. I no longer have to worry about repairs. I no longer have to worry about someone renting the place. I no longer have to worry about taxes, bills, and payments.

And even my responsibilities were light, relatively speaking. I owned the house, but my parents were my landlords. If anything came up, they would rush out and take care of it for me. But still, the stress of owning the place was wearing on me, and I know it was wearing on my parents. Plus the money I owed on it added to the stress as well. And when I was pulling in some rent, it was never enough.

So while I will see the money from the sale, I will not see it for long, The money immediately goes back to my parents to help pay down the money I owe them.

There are a lot of memories in that house, both good and bad. Right now I can’t think of either because I am too happy that the darn place sold.

One more tie to NJ is gone. And I am not all that bothered by that. Actually, I am a little grateful.

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