First Delayed Opening

So, today I got my first delayed opening of the year due to “extreme weather conditions.” And looking outside my window, that is now wrong. We got 4 hours, which I have already spent a good portion shoveling snow (which is still falling as I type this), hurting my back, and not enjoying the morning.

Now, I keep pondering if I should go into work or not. If I go in, I have to trek the 6-mile drive that normally takes 12 minutes, but today will probably take 30 and work my five hours that are remaining in the day. However, if I decide to not to go in and use some of my leave, I have to take the whole day. That’s right, even though the post was not even opened for some of my normal hours; I have to use up 9 hours to take the rest of the day off.

Tough decision.

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