Thank you ISIS

Well, ISIS finally turned an admitted pacifist into someone who hopes that this country steps up and drops enough bombs to double our deficit. I hope this country drops enough bombs to turn every city that they currently occupy into a giant crater.

Ok, maybe that is too far. I know innocents would be killed, but innocents are already being killed.

I was actually starting to lean away from my pacifism when ISIS posted the video of them burning the pilot from the Jordan military. I still have not been able to bring myself to actually watch it, but just the fact that this is how they treated the man; I began to shift away from my pacifism. And now they murdered someone who was just trying to help. Yes, maybe she should not have been there, and if it was me, I would not want this country to risk the lives of others to save my life, but enough is enough.

I’m sure they think that they are scaring people like me, but they have failed. I am not afraid of them. What they have accomplished it angering me. Angering me to a point that if someone turned the entire city to glass, I would not have any regrets.

Hell, if it came to it, I would push the button myself, just so some other person wouldn’t have to live with that on their conscience.

Right now, I know I could live with it.

So thank you ISIS, you pushed me over the edge.

I hope every one of you experiences a very painful death.

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