Jurassic World Predictions

So, now that I have seen the trailer that premiered during the Super Bowl, which I still say was the funniest commercial of the night, I decided to make some predictions about the movie. And while I think the movie will be bad, I admit that I will still go and see it.

And on to my predictions…

  1. There will be a raptor named Fido, since the raptors seem to be house trained in this film, Fido seems as good of a name as any.
  2. The two child characters will be put in peril after peril after peril (which I admit you can see in the trailer) but both will survive the entire move.
  3. The lead female scientist, the one who genetically engineered the new and improved dinosaur, will be killed. She will realize that she was wrong, and she will die. Possibly saving the kids.
  4. B.D. Wong, who returns in this film, will die. And he will probably die early on in the film.
  5. Since this is a Legendary film… Godzilla or something from Pacific Rim will save the day. (I don’t actually believe this one).
  6. At some point in the film, the raptors, which will fight the new dinosaur, will lose one to the fight. There will be a moment where they mourn the dead raptor, making them seem more human.
  7. There will be gaping plot holes, and there will be an opening for a sequel. This is obvious.
  8. This movie will make a profit, but its ratings will only be average. It will have awesome special effects, not much of a plot. Like most of the Jurassic Park films.
  9. Star-Lord will survive the film.
  10. There will be some lame references to the prior movies. Something like “You asked if you could, but you never stopped to think if you should” or something to that effect.

That’s it. Those are my 10 predictions for the movie. I hope I am wrong, I hope there are some surprises. Who knows, maybe Godzilla will show up.

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