Those Darn Atheists

A very funny thing happened at work today. Now, it may have only been in my head, but others noticed it too. Well, they noticed part of it. Today we had an early meeting to go over the reorganization that is going on in the office. It really isn’t a big deal, and I am not sure we needed a meeting on it, but it didn’t hurt. Plus, we also had to give out an award (one that I hope to never get, and should be safe).

Well, during the meeting the director was talking about the reduction in our forces in Afghanistan. This wasn’t news as it has been all over news outlets, but I guess it did warrant a mention. Again, I had no issues with this. Well, at one point he was talking about the troops that will be remaining. There was a moment when he tripped up, he started saying “keep them in your thoughts” and here is where he seemed to trip up. You can tell he wanted to add “and prayers” to that statement. And I swear he was tripped up because of me.

The darn atheist.

I swear he was looking at me when he tripped up, but that part could just be in my head. The funny part is that I would have had no issues with him saying “prayers.” I mean; I have to go to command town halls where the chaplain comes up and says a prayer before every time. Him adding that statement really would not have offended me at all.

I am not going to debate if the U.S. Army should have prayers at their meetings; I actually find it a little humorous. I just stand out of respect, try to listen to what the chaplain is trying to say, and then sit back down and try to stay awake for the town hall.

Still, it was a little amusing. And I did also feel a little bad. I don’t want to be one of those atheists.

Three Thing Friday

1. Time Off – Because of the amount of “use or lose” leave I have built up throughout last year, I had to burn through about a weeks worth of leave at the end of the year. I actually haven’t been to work since the day before Christmas Eve. It is really nice to not have to go into work. I have been thoroughly enjoying my days off.

However, I know me. On Monday, my first day back, I am not going to even remember my morning routine. I know I have to make lunch, feed the cat, shower, make coffee… but I know I am going to forget something.

My I.D. badges to get me onto post for example…

2. Bad year for Airlines based out of Asia – 2014 had three plane crashes (or disappearances). You had the one that just disappeared. Completely vanished. No trace ever found.

You had the one that became a target flying over a war zone, which was just stupid if you ask me. I mean, it was a war zone; I would have avoided that like it was the plague.

And most recently, you have another one crash. This one went down in a bad storm, which from what I understand, the pilots were going to try and go around, they just didn’t succeed in doing so.

I find myself wondering if those airlines will be able to survive these accidents. I also find myself wondering what it would take for me to get on an Asian based airline. I mean, I like risks and adrenaline rushes, but with the year they had, I may want to avoid that.

3. Good Will is Gone – Well, it’s nice to know that all of the good will towards man is gone already. What do I mean? Well, as we were leading up to the holidays, I noticed that drivers were much more friendly and considerate on the road. People would let you merge into a lane. People wouldn’t tailgate you. Fellow drivers were just nicer and more pleasant.

Well, while on the road yesterday, I was cut off at least three times. I hesitated for a few seconds when a light changed from red to green and someone behind me honked his or her horn. And there was another fellow driver who was so close to my car that I couldn’t see their front end.

It’s nice that things are back to normal.

2015 Resolutions

1. I will kayak more in 2015 than I did in 2014. Which shouldn’t be all that hard since my kayaks didn’t see the light of day in 2014.

2. I will go SCUBA diving more in 2015 than I did in 2014. The only diving I did in 2014 was with sharks, and that doesn’t really count. I mean, I was always near the surface, I was always in a cage, and I didn’t have to lug all my own equipment around.

3. This one is going to be a hard one; I am going to be more positive at work. I’m not happy there, but at least I have a job. It could be worse.

4. I will go skiing at least once this year. That should be a simple and achievable goal.

5. I will exercise more in 2015. And if I kayak, SCUBA dive, and ski, this should be another easy goal to reach.

6. I will save enough money for the two trips I want to take in 2016. And I will book one of them in 2015 since I want to go swimming with tiger sharks in January of 2016.

7. I will get back to blogging. Maybe I won’t blog as often as I did in the beginning of 2014, but more often than I did at the end of 2014.

8. I will not start a new army for my Warhammer hobby. I will still get crap for the armies I already play; I just will not start a new army.

9. I am setting a goal of reading 25 books this year. This is actually pretty low, and is another resolution/goal that I should be able to easily accomplish.

10. Finally, I want to go to a Bad Religion or Streetlight Manifesto concert this year. It’s been a while…

*I reserve the right to change to ignore these resolutions at any point during the year.