Three Thing Friday

1. Underside of a Bus – I, as well as a large portion of my team, was thrown under the bus today. And you know what? The underside of a bus doesn’t look all that good. What was done and said has the potential to ruin working relationships that we currently have. Sure, we may not have always agreed on everything, and sure, things are harder now than they were a few years ago, but we were able to work together.

Now, because of things that were said, and how they were said, my team may have even harder struggles in the future. It’s a shame too, because work wasn’t that bad lately.

Well, ignoring that I have to go to another “team building event” which is now a little ironic.

2. Levels of Guinness – Speaking of work, I have a good discussion with a co-worker about the levels of quality when it comes to Guinness. This was a serious discussion, because there are so many options. The best, without a doubt, is on tap in Ireland. I do not know what it is, but the quality is so much better there. It is even noticeably better than the second best option; which is on tap anywhere else. After that, things get a little weird. Guinness from the can poured into a glass would be third, followed by Guinness from the bottle (with the widget) also poured into a glass.

After these, I would say that Guinness in the bottle with a widget still in the bottle would be next. In fact, anything beyond this we get into an area that I would consider not even drinking. Guinness from the can and still in the can? I would seriously have to consider passing on this. Even with the widgets.

And that non-widget bottle? Yea, just pass. Get something else. Except Bud light… I’d rather have water.

3. Our Allies – I know that we have to make friends with other countries. And I get that we actually have to pretend that we like each other. Hell, I also understand that being friends is better than being enemies.

What I don’t get is how some of our “friends” treat their citizens worse than some of our “enemies”. Some of our allies walk all over the inalienable human rights that we hold dear. Some of our allies do not like their people to be able to speak their mind. Some of our allies will kill their citizens because they are too outspoken.

Hell, in some countries, women are not even aloud to vote, let alone think.

And these are our friends…

Ever get the feeling that we are on the wrong side?

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