On Saturday night (last night at the time of me writing this), my parents and sister had to make the difficult decision to put their cat Angel to sleep. This was the cat that was a houseguest here in Maryland for almost two full years. She was a skittish cat who would run away from her own shadow on most occasions. In fact, most of my friends actually though I only had two cats here because she hid from most of them. My parents adopted her in 2002, and excluding the two years with me, she lived happily with my family the entire time.


She did have her quirks, but she was a fun and pleasant guest. Well, she was excluding the fact that she did not get along with Loki, the true owner of this house. Angel would jump onto me whenever I would lie down to go to bed, but she would never let me (or anyone) pick her up. She would lie there, purring away, blocking my view of the TV.

She was also the talkative one of the group. In fact, I am not sure that some of her chattiness didn’t rub off on Loki because since she left this house, Loki has been much more talkative.


Sadly, Angel was in pain. I’m sure if was a difficult decision for my family, but it was a decision that had to be made. I wouldn’t want her to suffer and this was probably the best option for her.

So, while this house is a lot calmer without Angel terrorizing Loki, I am going to miss her.


She was a good cat.

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