Three Thing Friday

1. Discovery Channel – Finally Discovery Channel will no longer be broadcasting its fictional programming. This means that there will no longer be mermaid documentaries. This means that there will not longer be a megalodon swimming in our oceans. Hopefully this means that they will be broadcasting more factual programming., programming that I will actually enjoy.

Rich Ross, the new President of Discovery Channel, stated that these programs do not belong on his station, which I have been saying for a while now. Too many people believed that if something aired on Discovery, it must be true. Sadly, in the last few years Discovery actually lowered the intelligence of this country. People believe that the mermaid program was 100% fact.

And this is not the only damage they have done. They have burned a lot of bridges when it comes to the scientists they tricked into being on their fictional programming. Rich Ross has a lot of bridges to rebuild. I hope he is up to repairing the relationships with the scientists that his predecessor ruined.

And maybe we can have less “Shark Attack” shows during shark week too please? Maybe we can have a little less sensationalism? Or maybe I am being too hopeful.

2. Apple TV – When I first bought my apple TV, I would use it maybe once a month. I’ve had it for over four years now, and I am actually using it most of the time now. I am streaming movies, playing my music, and actually getting my $99 dollars worth out of this little black box sitting under my TV. You include the fact that most of my movie collection is now on an external hard drive (and on a separate drive as backup), and I may not even need the blu-ray player under the TV.

Oh, whom am I kidding? Godzilla is on blu-ray, I will always need that player.

3. Getting Old- This getting old crap is not working well for me. The other day I was thinking about how old I am turning this year, and it actually required a lot of brainpower to remember. I mean, I actually had to count it out, and then I had to use a calculator to confirm the number. It’s not that I was in disbelief, I just wasn’t sure that I was right.

I used to make fun of my mother for not knowing how old I am. She gave birth to me, how could she forget how old I am? Well, now the shoe is on the other foot, I have to make fun of myself for not knowing how old I am turning.

Walking into rooms and forgetting why I went in there. Forgetting my morning routine. Actually having to think about where I left my keys. I hate it when all of these happen, and they seem to be happening more and more frequently.

At least I haven’t started calling the cat by the wrong name, but since my mom never remembers my name, how long before I start calling Pips… I mean Loki by the wrong name.

Damn it.

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