Those Darn Atheists

A very funny thing happened at work today. Now, it may have only been in my head, but others noticed it too. Well, they noticed part of it. Today we had an early meeting to go over the reorganization that is going on in the office. It really isn’t a big deal, and I am not sure we needed a meeting on it, but it didn’t hurt. Plus, we also had to give out an award (one that I hope to never get, and should be safe).

Well, during the meeting the director was talking about the reduction in our forces in Afghanistan. This wasn’t news as it has been all over news outlets, but I guess it did warrant a mention. Again, I had no issues with this. Well, at one point he was talking about the troops that will be remaining. There was a moment when he tripped up, he started saying “keep them in your thoughts” and here is where he seemed to trip up. You can tell he wanted to add “and prayers” to that statement. And I swear he was tripped up because of me.

The darn atheist.

I swear he was looking at me when he tripped up, but that part could just be in my head. The funny part is that I would have had no issues with him saying “prayers.” I mean; I have to go to command town halls where the chaplain comes up and says a prayer before every time. Him adding that statement really would not have offended me at all.

I am not going to debate if the U.S. Army should have prayers at their meetings; I actually find it a little humorous. I just stand out of respect, try to listen to what the chaplain is trying to say, and then sit back down and try to stay awake for the town hall.

Still, it was a little amusing. And I did also feel a little bad. I don’t want to be one of those atheists.

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