Three Thing Friday

1. A Good Week – This was, I have to admit, a really good week. It was a strange week, but a good one nonetheless. First, a bookshelf that wasn’t supposed to be shipped until the 23rd arrived yesterday (or the night before). Second, I got a whole lot of online training done for work. Third, the Director (who I have criticized a lot on this blog in the past) has been in a really good mood lately, and this week seemed to be even more so.

Work is good. Health is… ok. Family is good. Love life sucks, but other than that, everything else is good.

I can’t wait until the other shoe drops. Stupid pessimism.

2. Sony – Hey Sony, way to cave into the pressure of a terrorist nation.

Ok, I will admit the fact that North Korea could hack into Sony, especially since I would presume that their security is better than out nation’s cyber security, scares me. And the fact that they did it so easily would make me concerned for the employee’s safety. But what all of this shows is the true problem, North Korea needs to find their sense of humor.

I know, it’s not the entire nation that seems to be missing their humor; it is their coward of a leader who is trying to show that he can be a man (executing people, threatening nations, waving his really tiny dick around).

Well, Sony, you may have backed down, taken the coward’s way out. But I, as an American, will see this movie on DVD or Netflix. I shall see it, even though I think it is going to be terrible.

And thank you North Korea, you’ve made me want to see a movie that I normally wouldn’t have wanted to see. Stupid foreign leaders.

3. Cuba – I remember my father telling me about the Cuban missile crisis. I remember him saying that the Ruskies should never have placed missiles 90 miles off of our coast. 90-miles away from out mainland. Well, I always had the argument that we had missile even closer to their border thanks to locations in and around Europe. Add that two all of the nuclear missile submarines in the oceans, both sides probable had nuclear missiles within 10 miles of our coasts.

Well, the party is over. We have won. I know some people on both sides of the aisle are going to find reasons to object to the phone call made between the two leaders. They will say that those reasons are not political, but of course politicians have political reasons. Saying that Cuba’s brutal regime is a reason to not open up relations is just stupid. Closing our borders to our enemies obviously works. The leaders of Iran and North Korea have obviously been overthrown by their population; thanks to years of America’s trade embargoes. Trade embargoes were what brought down communist Soviet Union.

It is time to welcome Cuba into the real world. It is time we open up trade and travel, even if on a limited level. Let the people of Cuba eat.

Let Americans have Cuban cigars legally.

Stupid good cigars.

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