Not a priority

Warning, this is a disgusting topic.

I learned something about the CECOMs building and it’s managers (the building managers, not CECOMs managers), certain things that I think need to be fixed may not be a priority for those that have to fix them. Now, this isn’t exactly what I learned, I just learned what is and is not a priority.

Let me set the situation for you. At some point in time, an individual walked into the men’s room, sat on one of the two toilets, and left a present for someone else to clean up. I mean, this one was a doozy. Added to this disgusting situation, this person managed to lock the stall door on hit way out (or he slid underneath the door and I don’t want to think about what is on that floor) so that no one could get in to clean it or de-clog it. So, after it sat for a week (thinking someone else would put in a work order), we finally brought it up to the right people.

And they told us that it was not a priority. WHAT?!?!?! Apparently the toxic waste that was forming in the men’s room could wait for up to 30 days. My one coworker (the one who complained) was told that he could clean it up. And he offered! Just get him the equipment, and he would be more than willing. He figured that it was better than the waste in the room. After this argument, the rather rude individual, who is in charge of putting in the work orders, stormed off.

Sadly, the end of the story is that the day that we complained, it was finally fixed. It may have been due to our complaining, but more likely it was a coincidence. I am so glad that I work for CECOM, the center of meh.

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