Three Thing Friday

1. Orion – NASA has taken their first step towards reentering the business of going into space with their new capsule. I am surprised that we went back to the capsule after decades of shuttle launches, but maybe that capsule is the way to go. I’’ve heard that refitting the shuttles were more expensive than launching the Apollo capsules.

This new capsule, while unmanned in todays launch, can carry three people on long-term missions and up to seven on shorter missions. I can’t imagine how it would feel to live in a capsule with two other people for months (or even years). And how would it feel to land on a planet with gravity after spending months traveling in zero-g. The body would need time to adjust.

I am sure that NASA put thought into all of this, and we do have twenty plus years before we even get the chance to find out… if the money lasts that long.

2. So many movie announcements – Seriously, there are way too many movies being previewed or announced that I really want to see. Lets just take a look at the brief list. Star Wars (Which I fear will suck), Star Trek, Jurassic Park (which will probably suck but look really cool), Another James Bond movie (which I will see), Another Fast and the Furious (Which I have to see), and Godzilla.

That is a lot of movies that I have to see in the theater, especially since I hate going to the movies.

3. New Location – This week I had to move my desk to a new location. My back is no longer to the walkway that everyone uses. I actually have three walls on my cubical and I am no longer sharing my workspace with someone else. It is quieter, calmer, more peaceful, and I like it a lot more than my old desk.

I know I have been hostile about my job lately, and management hasn’t really improved all that much, but I will take small victories when I can get them. Every little plus helps.

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