Three Thing Friday

1. A Good Week – This was, I have to admit, a really good week. It was a strange week, but a good one nonetheless. First, a bookshelf that wasn’t supposed to be shipped until the 23rd arrived yesterday (or the night before). Second, I got a whole lot of online training done for work. Third, the Director (who I have criticized a lot on this blog in the past) has been in a really good mood lately, and this week seemed to be even more so.

Work is good. Health is… ok. Family is good. Love life sucks, but other than that, everything else is good.

I can’t wait until the other shoe drops. Stupid pessimism.

2. Sony – Hey Sony, way to cave into the pressure of a terrorist nation.

Ok, I will admit the fact that North Korea could hack into Sony, especially since I would presume that their security is better than out nation’s cyber security, scares me. And the fact that they did it so easily would make me concerned for the employee’s safety. But what all of this shows is the true problem, North Korea needs to find their sense of humor.

I know, it’s not the entire nation that seems to be missing their humor; it is their coward of a leader who is trying to show that he can be a man (executing people, threatening nations, waving his really tiny dick around).

Well, Sony, you may have backed down, taken the coward’s way out. But I, as an American, will see this movie on DVD or Netflix. I shall see it, even though I think it is going to be terrible.

And thank you North Korea, you’ve made me want to see a movie that I normally wouldn’t have wanted to see. Stupid foreign leaders.

3. Cuba – I remember my father telling me about the Cuban missile crisis. I remember him saying that the Ruskies should never have placed missiles 90 miles off of our coast. 90-miles away from out mainland. Well, I always had the argument that we had missile even closer to their border thanks to locations in and around Europe. Add that two all of the nuclear missile submarines in the oceans, both sides probable had nuclear missiles within 10 miles of our coasts.

Well, the party is over. We have won. I know some people on both sides of the aisle are going to find reasons to object to the phone call made between the two leaders. They will say that those reasons are not political, but of course politicians have political reasons. Saying that Cuba’s brutal regime is a reason to not open up relations is just stupid. Closing our borders to our enemies obviously works. The leaders of Iran and North Korea have obviously been overthrown by their population; thanks to years of America’s trade embargoes. Trade embargoes were what brought down communist Soviet Union.

It is time to welcome Cuba into the real world. It is time we open up trade and travel, even if on a limited level. Let the people of Cuba eat.

Let Americans have Cuban cigars legally.

Stupid good cigars.

Three Thing Friday

1. Torture – I find myself in the odd position of agreeing with Senator John McCain. I agree with what he said about the CIA’s torture report that was recently released to the public. Obviously, the man has endured torture himself, so if anybody is going to have an intelligent position about torture, it would be this man.

I know people think that those who where tortured deserved it, and I have no real argument against that position. Some people also make a good case about those being tortured not being covered by the Geneva conventions since they are not recognized as combatants. Again, I have no real argument against that. I can also understand that we are trying to get information to protect Americans.

I just do not like that we lowered ourselves to their level. We are supposed to be better than them. I am not worried about this report causing our enemies to attack us; our enemies didn’t need another reason to hate us.

I have multiple issues with torture. First, any information will be suspect since those being tortured would probably say anything just to make the torture stop. I know I would. Second, like I said, we are supposed to be better than this. Third, we have now done the same things that we prosecuted Germans and Japanese for after WWII. I get it, we are the good guys, and we can do whatever we want.

I am not going to say that torture goes against American values, because it really doesn’t since the American value is the all mighty dollar, I actually think torture fits right in. But I still do not think we should torture. We are better than that.

Then again, maybe we really aren’t and we should accept who we really are. Let’s go back to worshipping that dollar.

2. Fourth cup of Coffee – Every morning, I brew the exact same amount of coffee. It doesn’t matter if I bring it to work to drink there or I drink it my living room watching some morning TV, I always brew one pot for two solid cups of coffee. I do that every day, except for today. For some reason I felt the need for a second pot. I have never had this much coffee, and I can see me bouncing off the walls in a few minutes.

I cannot explain why I needed the third and fourth cups. I wasn’t all that tired when I started brewing the pot. I just had this odd craving for a second pot.

I can even feel myself getting jittery. Wow, these ceilings need a good painting, maybe I will paint the whole house in the next three minutes…

3. Four Day Work Week – I can get used to this. I do not have to work any Friday through the month of December. Thanks to the government allowing me to work nine-hour days, I have every other Friday off. Add that to the “use or lose” leave I have left, I have off every Friday this month.

I’m not saying that these Fridays have been productive. In fact, I am not sure I got anything done so far, but I am enjoying the 4-day workweeks.

However, returning to my full schedule is going to be a bitch.

Not a priority

Warning, this is a disgusting topic.

I learned something about the CECOMs building and it’s managers (the building managers, not CECOMs managers), certain things that I think need to be fixed may not be a priority for those that have to fix them. Now, this isn’t exactly what I learned, I just learned what is and is not a priority.

Let me set the situation for you. At some point in time, an individual walked into the men’s room, sat on one of the two toilets, and left a present for someone else to clean up. I mean, this one was a doozy. Added to this disgusting situation, this person managed to lock the stall door on hit way out (or he slid underneath the door and I don’t want to think about what is on that floor) so that no one could get in to clean it or de-clog it. So, after it sat for a week (thinking someone else would put in a work order), we finally brought it up to the right people.

And they told us that it was not a priority. WHAT?!?!?! Apparently the toxic waste that was forming in the men’s room could wait for up to 30 days. My one coworker (the one who complained) was told that he could clean it up. And he offered! Just get him the equipment, and he would be more than willing. He figured that it was better than the waste in the room. After this argument, the rather rude individual, who is in charge of putting in the work orders, stormed off.

Sadly, the end of the story is that the day that we complained, it was finally fixed. It may have been due to our complaining, but more likely it was a coincidence. I am so glad that I work for CECOM, the center of meh.

Three Thing Friday

1. Orion – NASA has taken their first step towards reentering the business of going into space with their new capsule. I am surprised that we went back to the capsule after decades of shuttle launches, but maybe that capsule is the way to go. I’’ve heard that refitting the shuttles were more expensive than launching the Apollo capsules.

This new capsule, while unmanned in todays launch, can carry three people on long-term missions and up to seven on shorter missions. I can’t imagine how it would feel to live in a capsule with two other people for months (or even years). And how would it feel to land on a planet with gravity after spending months traveling in zero-g. The body would need time to adjust.

I am sure that NASA put thought into all of this, and we do have twenty plus years before we even get the chance to find out… if the money lasts that long.

2. So many movie announcements – Seriously, there are way too many movies being previewed or announced that I really want to see. Lets just take a look at the brief list. Star Wars (Which I fear will suck), Star Trek, Jurassic Park (which will probably suck but look really cool), Another James Bond movie (which I will see), Another Fast and the Furious (Which I have to see), and Godzilla.

That is a lot of movies that I have to see in the theater, especially since I hate going to the movies.

3. New Location – This week I had to move my desk to a new location. My back is no longer to the walkway that everyone uses. I actually have three walls on my cubical and I am no longer sharing my workspace with someone else. It is quieter, calmer, more peaceful, and I like it a lot more than my old desk.

I know I have been hostile about my job lately, and management hasn’t really improved all that much, but I will take small victories when I can get them. Every little plus helps.

The Ultimate Spam Snail Mail

Today I received about eight pieces of mail in my mailbox, sadly only one of them was actually meant for me. Nearly all of them were supposed to go to the house down the street, but the one that was meant for this house actually made me laugh, and of course I had to blog about it. It was addressed to Brian and Kathey Janeczek. Really? Let’s break this down…

1. It’s Cathy, not Kathey. I mean, at least they were close, but not all that close. The spelled my last name right, and that’s the hard one.

2. She never went by the name Cathy Janeczek. She kept her name, so that is strike two.

3. She has never, at any point in time, lived at this house. If it was any of the other addresses and happened to be forwarded here, fine, but this was addressed here. Strike three.

4. We have been divorced for how long now? I mean, seriously, it has been a few years now. Strike four.

5. I do not believe that I have ever seen this company’s catalog, let alone ordered anything from it. However, since it is a “wine” magazine, I may let this one slide.

I can’t blame the post office for this one. The other letters that are a few houses off, I can, but seriously? There are a four to five mistakes, and honestly, I did laugh. Who knew it would take a misaddressed catalog to get me to do a random blog.